June 14, 2021

Entrepreneurs Over 40 Episode 4 with Robert Morales

Entrepreneurs Over 40  Episode 4 with Robert Morales

Episode Four features Robert Morales  better known as 'Traveling Robert' of YouTube fame talking about how you can become an Travel Influencer!
My Key Takeaways:
"Travel is fatal to Bigotry, Prejudice and Narrow mindedness..." - Mark Twain
While Robert m...

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Episode Four features Robert Morales  better known as 'Traveling Robert' of YouTube fame talking about how you can become an Travel Influencer!

My Key Takeaways:

  • "Travel is fatal to Bigotry, Prejudice and Narrow mindedness..." - Mark Twain
  • While Robert makes it all look easy, the video editing alone runs one hour per minute.
  • Consistency, Thumbnails, and putting out a good product are the main things but eventually you have to find your own voice, find your niche, respect your public, and interact with your public.
  • It is never too late to start with your passion!


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0:00:02.0 S1: Our guest today grew up in Cuba, he worked in the tobacco fields a few summers, fulfilling his debt to Cuban society until his parents got their liberation letter and were able to leave, immigrated from Cuba to Spain with his parents while he was only in his teens. The Spain, after about a year, I came to the US and settling in Miami, Florida. He went to high school and got his first job at when Dixie... He went to school at Miami-Dade College and later Lara International University. Were you studied radio and television broadcasting? He went on to have a long successful career in the television industry, you got hooked on or being... When his brother-in-law Brendon, an RV to visit a family member in Georgia in 2008, he created a YouTube Channel named after himself and began uploading travel videos that he had taken... I was 47th birthday, you could see a path going forward, and Curtis job to focus on telling the travel stories about video full-time, he does all his own photography, video, wedding and music, and I mentioned he has his own podcast and is married to the love of his life, Ileana.

0:01:12.0 S1: He's riding, riding. Riding, riding in his RV. Out further ado, let me introduce you to you the Robert Morales, better known as traveling Roper.

0:01:24.2 S2: Hey, Greg, think of for having me.

0:01:26.7 S1: Thank you for me in here, could you take a few moments and fill in the gaps from that intro... Brines up to speed with what's going on in your world.

0:01:34.2 S2: No, I think you pretty much covered all the bases there. And yeah, at some point in 2017, I was in this end job in this sort of dying industry, and I saw that my YouTube career was starting to take off and I took the risk, they would say... And it's been a lot of work and a lot of fun, but I'm one of those lucky people to that that has been able to make a living out of his passion out of what we love to do, so...

0:02:06.8 S1: Okay, now, did your wife... What did she think when you were discussing quitting your job to go full-time with your launching show and your YouTube channel, but

0:02:16.0 S2: For the most part, everybody has been always very supportive, of course, there were office, I'm sure a hint of Dalton, my hair and my mom too, like, have you going crazy? This and that. But you know, I was confident, I was confident. And they were confident to any sense, we had been seen that YouTube channel kind of almost duplicate the number of views and subscribers and therefore revenue over the years, so every year kind of... So I figure it in two years, we're gonna be able to break even and this is gonna work out.

0:02:48.1 S1: And it did. That was awesome. So when your parents were traveling all over Cuba with you, did they take video and photography of their adventures and did that kind of inspire you... You have to do your own.

0:02:59.6 S2: Yeah, absolutely. At the time, we're talking, probably beginning with the late 70s in Cuba, there was no way to do value, but my parents were always into photography, and we still have some of those pictures they used to do to shooting slide film, which actually some of them have been preserved, its pretty good over the years to have all those pictures and they would always take the return... I would obviously imagine in my head, I always wanted to do video and movie or what have you, from my head, I would imagine how some of that would look in video. I would have died to have a video camera back in those days when I was a teenager... Early teens. Yeah.

0:03:38.1 S1: It just was accessible, even in the US for the longest time, we only had Delaney

0:03:44.4 S2: Can do that, the millimeter film back in the day in the 70s, that was not what... I wasn't there until I think the 80s, but I was used to drill... We used to sometimes get these magazines from the outside world, and we used to draw about the Sony beta movie and this cars that were coming out, and I'm like, Oh, I wish we could have other... And not really was unavailable, it was somewhat illegal at the time to own one of those.

0:04:07.6 S1: So is there a particular historical figure that you look up to and inspires you regarding traveling and telling tales associated with it?

0:04:15.8 S2: No, there are many, of course, but of course, one of my favorite writers that I read as a kid that says Child between this Spanish translation was Mark Twain, and Mark has many, many quotes about traveling I had as he was a very well, well-traveled person.

0:04:31.2 S1: Oh, it's incredible. The places he went to me.

0:04:33.9 S2: He was born in this small town by the Mississippi River, by the... Actually, he was born nearby, and then he grew up and handle Missouri, and then he was all over the place, and he has this quote that the gangs that travel is faint prejudice, and I forget exactly how it goes after that, but it's like... We have a lot of preconceived notions of different places and different people around the world, and when you travel, you learn and you change those recursive notions and that's... To me, that's very deep, 'cause I've experienced it myself, we've gotten into watching a lot of travel videos or just ideas about different countries, and it's amazing how many statues of Mark 20, there are like a checklist, savoia, I think it was LA Barra had... His legacy is known all over the world, and it's incredible, 'cause I remember as a kid, I saw a TV serious about Tom Sawyer, but he was made in Russia. They shared in the vault in the Volga River, so the Russians made a Russian version of Tom Sawyer, and this must have been the 70s. Oh.

0:05:38.7 S1: You should check out their version of the habit too.

0:05:40.8 S2: So... Yeah, I believe that, that they have one of those that is like, I don't know how many hours long, you know that Russians were famous for the super non-movies like War on piece, so it little interested to see.

0:05:53.2 S1: How full are you on the road per year, how do you choose your destination... Well.

0:05:58.4 S2: Well, actually, oddly enough, one of the years that I traveled the was last year when we were just supposed to travel in many places, but I chose mostly outdoor places, unpopulated places, and it also was strange in that sense because I had to plan around that, but the year before I estimated in 21, almost six months on the road, and then the rest of the time in the videos doing the work. And there are many ways that actually which I travel, I plan my travels, and nowadays it's easier nowadays, because I get so many suggestions from so many viewers now now I have a large audience that I have all these points of interest marked on my map, and I just go through those, and I use this app on road trips a lot, which gives you points of interest near your area, your plan out to say I'm going from here to Orlando, it'll give me things within 10 miles of my destination, like at my route, that's... That kind of thing. And then I usually, I also read books, books when I went to Denver, Colorado, but the mom guy that walking tour of our of temper right now, I'm reading a guide to the east coast, and then you combine that with other resources and it's a combination, there's no one single resource, by any means.

0:07:29.3 S1: This is definitely your passion...

0:07:31.2 S2: Yeah, absolutely. And then I just look on Google maps to what I'm going to be... This Delaney usually have points of interest on the map as well, and if it has a little tower at the icon that... That might be interesting, maybe. I'll look at that. So I also listen to... Also listen to podcasts, I listen to the amateur traveller, and that's how I plan my West Virginia trip, for example, that

0:07:57.0 S1: We saw the episode when you went to Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's amazing, you start off... And it might be the 70s pulling into the place and then you get up there and a combination of the wind and the cold, it's almost unbearable.

0:08:11.7 S2: It was like 32 degrees up there, and I was the creator that...

0:08:15.7 S1: Yeah, we weren't either. You ever come through Charlotte?

0:08:18.1 S2: I've been through Charlotte twice actually, and the second time was unfortunately, my wife had to fly back to my anstruther, the art roe, and then I met up with another YouTuber and content creator, his name is Brian, and he gave me a tour around childcare. I do wanna go back to Charlotte at some point.

0:08:37.6 S1: Let me know what you do. Yeah.

0:08:39.0 S2: He lives in Morrisville, just north of you. And actually where my first car died, it was in Marseille, just north of China.

0:08:46.8 S1: Okay, that was the key Sorrento or... Yeah.

0:08:49.1 S2: The old key... Yeah, that's when he decided to quit, that was Ray, one of the most thrissur situations that I've encountered on the road, but people are kind, most people everywhere, and eventually it got built out...

0:09:01.2 S1: Yeah, unfortunately, you don't hear about the kinetics is the ones that aren't that make the news

0:09:05.9 S2: For unfortunately, and that's something we learned in journalism school, if it bleeds, it leads and you sell them here... Good News under espresso. Well, usually the most joy and satisfaction regarding producing the travel and Robert show, I wanna say it's the freedom to be able to do what I love, and you know, getting to see so many... So many different places around the United States. But I really appreciate the freedom of not having that daily grand of the daily commute to downtown and the

0:09:37.5 S1: Robert... Robert and brother.

0:09:39.9 S2: I'm not Robert, as I said, I consider myself very fortunate. I'm very privileged to be able to do this and get in to know the country and the world eventually what it is. Allow it again, I wanna do more international travel, many people from different places, loss, soon as they're a little struggle over there... It's probably gonna be next year. As much as I love traveling around the United States, I love to get a little of the out of my comfort zone too, and I don't know if you know about our trip to Finland and Norway, Sweden was in 2018, and that's a great series is on YouTube and Amazon Prime as well. And in the end, there are more similarities than differences between people in the world, especially in the western world, I haven't gone to Africa, Asia or other places, but it's just the language barrier sometimes gets you... And also traveling in an RV in Europe, you end up going to the supermarket to the convenience or to different places, and you have a more intimate experience with the locals trying to figure out the language. That kind of thing.

0:10:46.8 S1: Yeah, I think we were planning on going over and we were going to take... This was... Rail is... We've got a very efficient... Was real system.

0:10:54.5 S2: I've heard is beautiful out there. That's one of the places where I went to his I as well.

0:10:58.9 S1: We will definitely be trying that again, so as soon as we can...

0:11:02.7 S2: I think this year it's gonna be sketching in some places, but I'm hoping that by 2022 gonna be able to travel at...

0:11:10.2 S1: What are the frustrations about producing the traveling Robert show?

0:11:14.0 S2: Actually, one of the frustrations, and it's not a frustration, it's just a matter of time management manager at the time, I wanna see travel travel to a see as much as possible, but I have to manage that with the time that it takes to edit and produce the videos, and once in a while, I come up with with the new music for the videos, and that's one of the challenges, and the other challenge up to up until now, I think that's gonna change on my next trip is that my wife... She has a job, and up until now, she just had to be static here in Miami for her job, so she only joins me on her vacation time, and a lot of the time that I spent traveling out there is on my own by myself, so that's another frustration that I think we're gonna be able to overcome this year.

0:12:02.2 S1: Okay, so she's going to be either able to retire to work remotely.

0:12:06.1 S2: Is gonna be able to work remotely, which brings another set of challenges, of course, because she has to work... At the same time, we're traveling and a reliable internet is not as reliable everywhere, but it's a set of challenges that I'm looking forward to tackle them.

0:12:26.1 S1: How long does each video take both the shooting...

0:12:29.3 S2: To show it, to show it depends on the children part, I don't even count them as part of my time because it's fun, it's where I enjoy doing it, and I enjoyed editing too, but editing is a time-consuming process, if any of you have ever ended really have to like... And I do, but I'd say it depends on the video, of course, but it could take up to an hour for a minute you see on screen. So if this week, I posted a 40-minute video that was a full-time... 40-hour week for me, I

0:13:00.9 S1: Don't think most people realize that.

0:13:03.1 S2: Yeah, after, it's not gonna only put in the videos together, you have to put it together with the right music, you have to do voice over to research, and sometimes I need to do color correction and stabilization and different effects that it put... Sometimes I put a map in the middle of the video showing my route, all of... Everything takes time, but I love doing it, but it's a time-consuming process. For sure. No. Nothing is ever simple. And we live in the golden age of video is right, that with two beta cam machines and you do, you do it on tape, you make a mistake, you have to go back to the beginning, so is

0:13:39.1 S1: There one episode that comes to mind that you're particularly proud of or enjoyed making more so than the others.

0:13:45.9 S2: And there are many, and there are the popular ones that I guess the public in the end is the judge of that, there's that my first cross country road trip to the West... That's one of the most viewed videos there that are first long trip with her, there are many... One of my favorite is the one episode on death valley, that's the one... One of the ones that I'm most satisfied with the way come out, but of course, there are many and also because that was one of those places that I didn't expect or some places, they disappoint to some places, they overwhelmed... This is one of the species that I had not seen anybody make a complete video of the Arian. Then I was there and I was like, Wow. And I think I covered it pretty well. I'm satisfied the way that I covered the valley, and B think we get to say a whole thing, but of course, the most popular videos that I have are this long various, the four-hour driving to the west vireos are basically compilations of shorter videos that I'd met into long movies. And yeah, people... People love those.

0:14:52.7 S1: How did you figure out how to make a living with your traveling Robert show platform? Was there any type of coaching or did you just read a ballot online research out...

0:15:04.0 S2: I didn't really do anything, courses or anything like how to make money, but yeah, I did, I did watch some of the gurus at the time, the teaching you how to make better videos on how to kind of tweak your online presence on YouTube, one of those... What's his name? His channels, video creators, I was one of the ones that I followed and I learned a lot from a lot of people. Nobody gives you the whole story, but I learned that consistency, thumbnails and actually putting out a good product and like the main things, and you can play with words and link bait and try to make an interesting headline for some virus that works, but eventually you have to find your voice, and my voice was telling these stories about Travis, somewhat unique about it, finding that niche and respecting your public and interacting with your public... That's what I do every Friday. I do a live stream every Friday and people ask questions, it's just like a one-hour hand out with the publicans, especially especially when it stopped being a hobby and I really wanted to... When I got my job, I'm failure wasn't an option anymore, I decided, you know, it's like everything, you can learn anything, and I decided to learn and try to learn as much as possible about what made that YouTube algorithm, you know the work for you.

0:16:27.9 S1: How do you make the majority of your money doesn't come from sponsors, does it come from YouTube itself? Okay.

0:16:34.5 S2: I'll break it down and I don't have exact figures. Of course, I'm not that organized. The big chunk comes from front abuse, over a million views a month, so that translates it to a percentage of money. I also have patron, I sell my merchandise, I sell the t-shirts, I sell CDs, I sell stickers. That kind of thing, that's a good chunk to... Some of my videos are on a math Amazon Prime, and that's part of it too, and then sponsorships lately, 'cause some companies have been approaching me and depict product that I think it's good or Frisell resonate with the audience. I have this short commercial in the middle of the video and make money from that too.

0:17:15.8 S1: For example, the VPN... Yeah, service everyone needs to be using a VPN and public nowadays...

0:17:22.8 S2: Yeah, especially whenever you... If you have to connect to a Wi-Fi out there, I have, of course, an AT and T plan and a Verizon plan. And try to have both, but sometimes there's neither, or the internet is the biggest challenge, I can't wait for a Starling. I already signed up, I resigned up, and I wanna say, if that's gonna work out for us, moment.

0:17:44.1 S1: Loyola says, Well, so... And you wouldn't lie. Yeah.

0:17:47.9 S2: No, of course, I... His putting people in his place and his... Whatever that guy touches generally, it turns out good. So

0:17:59.1 S1: I have high hopes. So where do you see traveling... The traveling Robert show going in the next few years. Literally, and the Ural.

0:18:06.8 S2: But I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing. I think it's working out. It's working for me. Of course, I need to, of course, find the new places and new lariat, I'm never gonna get bored, but not to get bored of doing the same thing, and of course, I'm always gonna be revisiting some places that I visited in the past, some places change some places I just wanna go back to Valley of the Gods in Utah, or back to the West Coast. Some places that I wanna go with my wife that she hasn't seen yet, and then of course, there's Europe, there's the comintern Tiago in Spain, which is the route of St. James, that goes from France or the way to sentient computer. There's the Pan-American Highway in South America. So there are many things that in the future I might do to get me away from that comfort zone and continue growing as a traveler, and I don't have... I stopped having goals, I wanted to do that. All the 50 states, by the time I'm 50, I'm not gonna be able to do that because of current situation, and I'm not counting countries, but it's when I know what feels right.

0:19:13.1 S2: What feels right for me? What is fun for me, and I hope that it's gonna be fun for the people who watch my videos or is in to my podcast or form.

0:19:22.7 S1: Have you ever thought about maybe writing your own book or organizing some sort of travel with Robert Caravan?

0:19:30.3 S2: Eventually I might, but I have enough trouble writing a newsletter every week or two, sometimes some day, some day, and this is my thought. I'm gonna spend a couple of months in a cabin in Alaska and we maybe isolate myself when I was in a listener... After I was there, I was there retweet

0:19:53.6 S1: And traveled at Dunton Hawa, stopped off in Palmer, Alaska.

0:19:58.3 S2: Yeah, the data highways, right. Cold food is this small town, in case above the Arctic Circle is... The breakfast is called the Arctic get away, and it's just Gaither address is for banks, Alaska online. But it's not for Bengals.

0:20:18.8 S1: We spend some time in Fairbanks.

0:20:20.5 S2: Why is my wife mind? I know starting with a W, it's called Wiseman Alaska, and it's a small town, it's like 10 people who live up there. But it's a very, very beautiful area. And I would love to spend some time there and maybe write that book...

0:20:35.2 S1: Could you get to see or the rights... When you were up there?

0:20:37.7 S2: No.

0:20:38.0 S1: I was there in summer, so he never got dark. When we went to Fairbanks, we had the opportunity, it was definitely dark enough and cold enough, but there was only one night where you could sort of even see something, it just wasn't in the card...

0:20:51.5 S2: Well, my plan... That was my plan in my original plan for 2020, and eventually that's what I wanna do. I wanna do the RV trip to Alaska and just linger long enough for it to get dark, linger into maybe master... It starts getting cold, it starts getting dark, maybe seen Northern Lights before heading back, self.

0:21:12.9 S1: Okay, that sounds like a good player. How long do you see yourself doing this?

0:21:19.0 S2: A reasonable to be able to do it. And I don't see myself, I might slow down, I might slow down, but I foresee myself a traveling... Have to help to do it.

0:21:32.5 S1: What would you advise to someone either pursuing a travel blog or starting out an influencer with either a blog or a podcast or something... All those lines.

0:21:42.5 S2: First of all, I will do what you like, because when you do what you like, you're gonna do a best, and when you do something that you Bastogne the best version of yourself and you... And people are gonna see that and appreciate it, and it takes time to just persevere, be consistent on YouTube, it could work for a PACER blog to... Good eye catching Furnas. I can notice. Stress that enough.

0:22:07.8 S1: Yeah, I never thought that. That would make such a huge difference.

0:22:11.4 S2: Let me tell you, I have, I almost have 180000 subscribers were the right? Pass 108 and YouTube. But a lot of my views don't come from subscribers, they come from people who do these, finish watching a value from someone else related, and then they see all those Tamils and the the right-hand side of the screen, and they click on the one that looks best usually that's what the traffic comes from...

0:22:39.7 S1: Yeah, I remember seeing one page, I think it was on your YouTube blog, it might have been like the community or something that had 46 million views. But yeah, you're in 188000 subscribers. So that gives you an idea. Do you have any new projects coming up or... Anything that our listeners should know about?

0:22:59.3 S2: I'm the presents a really signing my website. That's the only thing. And I have this gentleman in Naples, Florida, who is doing a great job of it, and the next project is that the upcoming trip to the northeast before it goes... Well, you know, and the northeast, and then the whole East Coast, that's the summer 2021 trip in the works. What's

0:23:20.4 S1: Your advice for somebody that might be claustrophobic but that likes you travel, how could they get used to traveling in like your mini Winnebago

0:23:29.4 S2: Limited or something, the only times when you're gonna have trouble perhaps, or bad weather days when you have to stay inside, but you get used to it. So I've lived four months in a row in that 19-foot trailer, and at the beginning it feels kind of trust orthotic, but eventually you can use to... And it's easier because you're sitting at your desk and the refrigerator is right here, you don't even have to get up to grab something for the phrase, and then I come here to my big stick and breaks a home in Miami. And everything feels huge. I think you can get used to it. And if you're a cluster, probably get something with big windows so you can look upside and it doesn't feel so strain, especially on bad weather day, some good weather days, small house, huge backyard. That's the reverse, we say.

0:24:18.8 S1: That's definitely... I don't want to look at it, I may have to revise it, and

0:24:22.2 S2: If you don't let your backyard... It doesn't matter, you can move and you gotta be better back here the next day, any

0:24:28.6 S1: Problems with driving with other drivers, particularly with an RV or

0:24:35.1 S2: Less than you would imagine that now you go driving into a city, especially like Miami, Atlanta, New York. It's stressful with the car, imagine with Toni rally behind you, and you have to be aware of your length, you have to be aware of certain roads like Maybe you shouldn't go on, you have to be aware of under passes you, you have to know your height, morning anything... Actually, a couple of months ago, I went through and under passing Ohio that I only had four inches to spare, so like, Let's see if it fits, you went really slow, and let's see if... When a bigoted me the right

0:25:10.7 S1: Height. We've got a... Well, a train over band through the underpass. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a truck. It's going through it.

0:25:19.7 S2: They have YouTube channels dedicated just to that. It's one of those like 11 and a half classes and you see boom in after the other, but those sort of things, and if you're doing it, tailor, be aware of that ends... That's happened to me. Morning ones, locally, I've gotten pretty good at back in that trailer up, but still, it could be scary and sometimes... Oh, by the way, before before I... Before I wrap that up, don't do like me, don't do like me and rely on God maps, if you're gonna get a large trailer, get yourself in GPS specific for RVs and trucks. Yes, yes. Because it helps a lot.

0:25:57.5 S1: I didn't know there was a specific GPS. They rent and manali and Garmin make one, and then there's a couple of apps also for for the phone, and

0:26:07.6 S2: It will route you through Eros and routes that will... You wouldn't Callahan.

0:26:12.1 S1: Good to know. What do you recommend to someone either starting their travel blogger, influencer journey, do you have a book that you recommend for

0:26:21.7 S2: Someone who's starting a travel... So I don't really have a book for that, not really, I started reading one that it was called back up on ing or something like that, I didn't find it all that compelling, you could recommend several travel books for inspiration. Not to teach you how to write a drill blog or how to make it to channel, but for inspiration, travels that Steinbeck travels with Charlie. There's one called Blue highways. Anything built Brice wrote is good. If you wanna travel abroad, and one of my fireworks and just because I haven't done that trip is called in a sunburn country by Blue brace is about Australia and the assume of those books that are so well written that even if you don't ever intend to go to Australia, you just really... For the humor aspect? And for other things, yeah, I said it's a 20-hour flight to begin with, the finding where you are more... So yeah, you have to think about it and plan it well.

0:27:22.8 S1: Which makes Mark Twain visiting

0:27:27.0 S2: Imaginative a month testing that Pacific crossing must be... I would love to do that actually. That's another thing that I will love to do, and I know you can do in a quiet... You can also book passes cargo ships. That's what I would explore. I might explore it sometime in the future, it would be really cool to live from the port of LA, and a couple of weeks later arriving Shanghai or one of those places

0:27:51.7 S1: You think you take with you...

0:27:55.7 S2: That's probably impractical, but I wouldn't mind going to Australia. I'm renting a... If it will be more like a camper van, what they have down there, and spending a month roaming around Australia is a country, the side of the site of the United States, but very few things in between, so it'll be an interesting cross country trip, litter liaison. Oh, Iceland to that, there's that loop road that goes all around, is that it's that also, there's so many present life, time to time, lifetime life times would have been enough to satiated that wonder lost as they call it. So I'm never gonna run out of content to put on the YouTube channel that must... Certain.

0:28:45.2 S1: What's been your favorite travel destination overall?

0:28:48.0 S2: Well, I always like to say the Grand Canyon in the United States, around the world, there are others, but the Grand Canyon, even in the world, it's one of those places that is impossible to photograph or video tape, nothing can replicate the experience of standing there on the south room at the widest and deepest point, and looking at that grant-ness, it's really an emotional experience. You could spend months, years in Utah and Arizona and not see all the beautiful places in just those two states, and that's just that chunk of its sandstone, red sandstone structures out there, but the Grand Canyon is the one that I would put in that number one probably monument fillet number two. If you wanna do the iconic western trip, is there a piece of software or an app that you use, which is in your business, it's been indispensable, but I use several apps for video editing, and I used to do Final Cut, I switched to Adobe Premier, but they're both comparable, each is better at certain things, but I'm using a little be Prime right now, in fact, I used to Adobe sweat for the Photoshop is essential.

0:30:06.5 S2: I know there are other graphic software that you can use to edit pictures and do the thumbnails and things like that, and then for graphics, use motion a lot, motion five as an Apple program, and for the music Logic Pro on American, that's... For music composition, it's just easy, it's super powerful, but it's relatively a Amit do certain things, and that's what it is for my audio recording, so those four would be the essential apps that I use pretty much for everything.

0:30:45.2 S1: Your music... Your audio sounds great, definitely your hands above. A lot of the content that's on YouTube with that in that regard. So what's the number one piece of advice that you can give to the EO 40 listeners?

0:31:00.3 S2: Gonna quote gave, which is one of these... It's motivational speak of these days about business and all that, but he used to be... I used the following who was a wine person, but when he says, it is never too late. You see people at 70, if you have the passion to do it. So you can start at 70, even if you perhaps don't have as much time left as someone in their 30s or 20s, but it's never too late to start, it's never to late to start with your passion and getting to exploit or the best version of yourself. Sometimes you just stay doing something that perhaps you're not best at, that is comfortable and it's good and it works for you, but maybe it's not what makes you happy, and I think at any age, unless you have the health and the mind to do it, you can do it.

0:31:58.1 S1: Good words of advice. Do need to heat those sees the day

0:32:02.3 S2: Since the day... That's what happened to me, I was in my mid-40s in that and job, and I'm like, It was okay, it was a nice office in downtown Miami, I was doing okay, but I wasn't happy, so I decided to pivot in my life... All

0:32:18.2 S1: Right, that's a wrap. Thank you, Robert Morales, better known as his traveling, Robert being a Gaston entrepreneur, is over 40, you can check him out of his YouTube channel, traveling robber, we'll have links in the show.

0:32:28.1 S2: Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Driving to around Facebook everywhere. So check it out.

0:32:32.8 S1: We'll do thank you again.