Nov. 22, 2021

Ep28 - Chris Klesh Talking About How He Retired From AT&T And Helps Families Travel For Pennies On The Dollar

Ep28 - Chris Klesh Talking About How He Retired From AT&T And Helps Families Travel For Pennies On The Dollar

Episode Twenty Eight Features Chris Klesh Talking About How He Retired From AT&T And Helps Families Travel For Pennies On The Dollar!
My Key Takeaways:
Coach Chris promised immediate, actionable tips  that would help families save money on travel and fra...

Episode Twenty Eight Features Chris Klesh Talking About How He Retired From AT&T And Helps Families Travel For Pennies On The Dollar!

My Key Takeaways:

Coach Chris promised immediate, actionable tips  that would help families save money on travel and frankly, he over-delivered.  He is an almost larger than life character that by his own admission loves to talk.

  • Coach Chris had a long and successful career working for Bell South and then AT&T until he retired.  He then went on to travel the world and began accumulating his travel hacks.
  • It wasn't until so many people started approaching him asking questions about how he traveled affordably that he realized he had a potential business.
  • Coach Chris firmly believes that the best things in life aren't things at all.  They are experiences shared with others.
  • He also believes that you don't have to be rich to live rich.  You just have to know how to beat the system.
  • He advises that as soon as you know that you want to travel to start booking your trip.  The sooner you book, the more money you will save.
  • Coach Chris also believes that we have ZOOMED past Work From Home (pun intended) and are now in the age of Work From Anywhere.
  • Coach Chris advises that people maintain a credit score of above 700 and then get the credit cards associated with their airlines or hotels of choice.
  • Regarding timeshares/vacation clubs, he advises to never buy from the developer and to only buy from individuals.  He also went on to state that all of the major hotel chains had their own
  • For car rentals he uses and recommends that people join a loyalty program, take an Uber away from the airport to their renter of choice to save an extra 15%.  If you rent a midsize car you are likely to get a free upgrade to an SUV.
  • He also advised using COSTCO Travel and AARP for cruises. is a great newsletter for finding deals with cruises.
  • Johnny Jet | Simplify your Travel - 
  • Families Fly Free Home Page - Samcart ( is a good travel blog focusing on travel with SouthWest Airlines.  
  • He also recommended Travelzoo: Deals on Hotels, Flights, Vacations, Cruises & More and ShermansTravel
  • features tools and a free course on travel hacking.
  • Miles to Memories - Experts in Award Travel - Miles to Memories  and TravelPulse: Travel News, Information and Offers also are very good resources.

To learn more about Coach Chris, his website is and he can be found on LinkedIn and YouTube as well.  He also invited people to call him at (561) 386-2986 to contact him for more information and a 15 minute free consultation.  He will also send anyone that emails him at  a free book with 99 tips for skimping on traveling.

Now next week we'll have on Victoria Wieck talking about how she launched her own jewelry line, became an HSN host, retired and then became a SHOPHQ host while also starting her own podcast and becoming an author. Be sure to hit subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


[00:00:00] Greg Mills: Our guests today had a long and extensive career working for at and T as a marketing executive for over 32 years before retiring in 2002, he didn't manage to stay retired long though. And he started lifetime leisure experiences, helping families travel for pennies on the dollar. He considers himself a cultural jock with hobbies ranging from skiing, music, theater, tennis, golfing, boating, kayaking, mountain biking, traveling and rating here, and a bachelor of science from Indiana university and an MBA from fairly Dickinson university.

[00:00:35] He promises that he will provide unique, relevant, immediate, actionable value for your audience and clients. And indeed he does without further ado. Let me introduce you to coach Chris. Hey, Chris, how are 

[00:00:51] Coach Chris: Oh, Greg says, thanks. It's great to be here with you?

[00:00:53] and all the other entrepreneurs. The first half of my life, I did the corporate gig executive. And then I got this for my own company called lifetime leisure experiences. And it's funny, you mentioned entrepreneur to title your show entrepreneurs over 40.

[00:01:09] I first started out my speaking career. I was asked to speak to MBA students on the factors that make successful entrepreneurs versus corporate executives. So that's how I got started in speaking about 20 years from my retirement and I transitioned into the travel expertise. 

[00:01:31] Greg Mills: Can you take a few moments from the intro and fill in the gaps from where you're at today and bring us up to speed with what's going on in your world.

[00:01:39] Coach Chris: Yeah.

[00:01:39] well, I've always loved travel, a little background. I retired, I took the package, when I was a marketing executive, I started my career in New York city. That's when at and T was all put together with New York telephone. Then I transferred to Southern Bell that became Bell South. And then.

[00:01:56] Put everything back together again at T And T. So I retired. I was fairly young at age 52, and I love to travel. It's always been in my blood. I love adventure sports and in culture. And so I just got into this travel bug. I have a bucket list. I'm young and I have a little bit of money from my retirement.

[00:02:17] I want to see the world. So that's what I did. I started traveling around, going all over the world and I always was a professional speaker. Well, we're speaking as a profession, giving presentations. So a lot of people kept asking me, how do you keep this travel? First-class I'm not a Motel6 guy. I like luxury suites, flying first class, going to the best hotels and resorts.

[00:02:39] How did you do it? That's my passion. So I immersed myself in every single travel blog. I read everything, researched, everything, interviewed concierges hotel managers airlines, executives.

[00:02:53] And I figured out how to do it for pennies on a dollar. And after I did that, a lot of people came up to me. They slaughter. It was unbelievable. We are the number one travel group. Why don't you share this knowledge and research you've done with others . Let me ask your audience a question.

[00:03:09] We're all entrepreneurs. But I think we'll all agree that the best things in life, aren't the things, I feel after interviewing thousands of vacationers and executives, they all agree the best things in life, especially in today's political climate with COVID and the turmoil going on across the country, in the world. The best things in life.

[00:03:31] Aren't the material things. So your health, your family, your friends, and those precious memories and experiences. And a lot of those memories and experiences do involve travel and leisure, whether it's the weddings, uh, the football reunions, your family vacations, et cetera, the business trips, the girlfriend trips, the guys trips playing golf.

[00:03:56] And for the last 18 months or so, obviously because of the pandemic, COVID Delta variance and vaccine issues, et cetera. A lot of people haven't been able to do that. They've been locked up in their home. I remember last year on a news voucher saying you couldn't have more than three or four at your Thanksgiving dinner, or, you're going to be arrested.

[00:04:14] So things have changed. People are starting to travel. Now, in fact, statistics say there's more travel plan for 20, 20, 2 than pre COVID pre pandemic, but what's the problem. The problem is it's expensive. With inflation, everything, we got Biden flying coach on air force. One, people are putting stuff on layaway at the dollar stores.

[00:04:39] I was out in LA last week. It's our pimps driving Kias, mafia, families dining at the olive garden, Paris Hilton changing her name. The Paris red roof Inn had to cancel her dogs, yoga classes, my kids' school lunch program, instead of macaroni and cheese it's macaroni or cheese. I was at Costco last week.

[00:05:00] I saw a guy coming out of Costco with one roll of toilet paper. So what's the issue. We all know the benefits of travel from corporate wellness is entrepreneurs is working people, reducing stress, reducing burnout. We need those family vacations for our health and wellness, whether it's leisure and business going back, we need to reach. As a society, whether we're entrepreneurs, leisure travelers that work for a corporation, we still all need to retreat, relax, renew, rejoice, reconnect, and remember for a lifetime because it is all about those pressures and memories and experiences. And it's my goal to empower as many audiences I can to show them.

[00:05:48] You don't have to be rich deliberately. I travel. I'm not exaggerating here. I've been doing it for 18 years. For instance, I don't pay to fly on five airlines that I'm not married to a flight attendant. I stay in first class for five star suites and hotels for less than motel six prices. It can be done. I think, outside the box.

[00:06:11] I know every loophole, every secret, et cetera. And it's my. Goal is my company lifetime leisure to service people's dreams And bring those families together. So their memories can last forever. That's my mission.

[00:06:26] Greg Mills: Did she come from an entrepreneurial background at all? Was there anybody in your family that had their own business?

[00:06:32] Coach Chris: Oh yeah. I came from an entrepreneurial background. My parents had a public relations firm collection, plush consultants. They started that on their own, and that was a very successful thing. And they did a lot of traveling. They got me in a travel. At an early age, I got to see a lot of Broadway shows.

[00:06:48] I was in Europe for six weeks. And then from that entrepreneurial experience, my parents started their own local newspaper. They took that and started a local newspaper on long island. So I was part of that business?

[00:07:01] as an entrepreneur, and I've always been an entrepreneur my whole life. I always liked to do research.

[00:07:07] Believe it or not, I sold encyclopedias to get through college had been a musician. Bob has had something, a little side hustle. When I retired from the corporate world, I, it was natural for me to just look at my expertise and see how I could help people and monetize that and become a speaker. that sort of thing. And my entrepreneurial experiences. And I've taken that to the next level now. And I think with obviously social media, LinkedIn, and all the opportunities we have now, I think many people are looking at as an opportunity. Young students. I do coach and I speak to at colleges there.

[00:07:50] They're saying, Hey, we're getting away from the corporate world. They're not offering as many benefits as they used to. Heck when I was in the corporate world, I remember they paid, I was in the military. I'm a veteran. They paid the difference in salary from my military service. When I was in the army reserve and national guard, they paid for my MBA, everything, books, everything, but that's not true in the corporate world.

[00:08:12] Now, many people are using their passion, their expertise, and the entrepreneurial spirit to help others with what their expertise and passions all about. In fact, now I spoke to a few issues on another podcast, human resources, experts, and they are saying, Now it's not work from home.

[00:08:33] It's work from anywhere.. So. With the pandemic, more entrepreneurs or corporate people forced to work from home. now with the ability of computers and, streaming. Obviously like we're doing here over the internet, zoom calls, et cetera, virtual meetings, we can work from anywhere so we could visit those relatives.

[00:08:56] A lot of people still don't have to take their vacation time. They could fulfill their corporate mission, entrepreneurial mission, get their work done during the day and still have a better time. So that's one way travel is really much better for stress reduction and reduce burnout.

[00:09:14] We could work from anywhere now.

[00:09:16] Greg Mills: Now you worked hard at bell south at, at and T for over 32 years. What prompted you to enjoy your retirement and go back into the workforce as a travel coach?

[00:09:26] Coach Chris: Well, I've always loved travel. I got tired of the corporate world. I was the type of guy in a suit and tie with major accounts and sold belts services, opposed to the competition and, after 32 years, they gave me a package. And extra years pay to leave.

[00:09:43] They were trying to get rid of some of the mid-level managers. So I took advantage of it. At that time, I had a pension, a 401k, and I just pursued my dreams and dream life of travel and leisure. I wanted to see the world. And like I said, go to Europe, I'm a skier. I wanted to ski every major Ben's downhill run.

[00:10:00] I wanted to play the best golf courses in the world. I wanted to work on my own, but it's like I told you before mental health is key, as well as physical health. I wanted to keep my mind active. I wanted to help other people. I wanted to pursue current events. I wanted to follow my passion and help other people.

[00:10:19] And the way I could do it best is based on my experiences. I wanted to share with people. My theme now is you don't have to be rich to leverage. I've helped thousands of families go from middle-class. To feel they're like Donald Trump flying all over the world, taking their families, whether it's the Broadway Las Vegas, Maui, Hawaii, the Caribbean Europe on safaris, on cruises that take these memorable experiences and victories.

[00:10:52] And whether it be a wedding or a family vacation lived this luxury lifestyle, I call it the lifestyle of privilege for just pennies on a dollar it's really possible. But you do need, like, in a lot of other businesses, you need a coach, a mentor. That has put in the time research resources got to know all the loopholes insights, secrets, how you can do it without breaking the bank or going into debt.

[00:11:18] And it becomes more paramount at this time when we're in this inflation cycle, people are worried about gas prices. Can I drive, 10 hours? What is it going to cost me? What is it going to cost on airplanes, hotels going up, et cetera, et cetera. So that's why this message. But I had to deliver it to your audience and other audience I feel is so relevant.

[00:11:39] It's powerful. Hopefully some of the tips I'm going to give you a raw audience or immediate, actionable, they're going to save them many thousands over their travels and vacations and inspire them to be able to make these trips in a U S studies. People don't even take their two weeks vacation. They're so tied to their devices and laptops, their fear. Again, they can't afford it taking a family of four skiing or on a safari European trip or Maui gets to be expensive for the middle-class people. So they're looking for results. Also, the burden.

[00:12:13] In America, you know that in corporate America worried if they're going to have a job, et cetera, the burnout people are turning to entrepreneur ism. They're looking, what can we do that still monetize it work at our own hours. Our own pace still see our family. So we're not commuting some people commute three or four hours each way to work in New York, LA, et cetera.

[00:12:35] The other thing is, it's just better for your health to reduce stress and look and us, you know, we're lucky they don't even take two weeks of vacation. The average person, in Europe is, taking four to six weeks vacation. It's encouraged by businesses, et cetera.

[00:12:53] Their health is better. Their stresses reduced and their personal relationships are better because they are taking time off to retreat, relax, renew, rejoice. And remember, it's so important to our health and wellness. 

[00:13:07] Greg Mills: Yeah, you don't have to sell me all that. Traditionally companies have not been huge proponents of taking vacation and breaks, but it does seem like that some of the companies are starting to come around, especially with, work remotely from anywhere.

[00:13:22] Why do you think that company's attitudes are changing and what are the corporate wellness, improved health reduced stress and burnout benefits that you spoke of with travel and leisure?

[00:13:33] Coach Chris: I think companies are realizing, people can work effectively from their homes. If they're wired properly, they have the type of job where they learn how to use zoom work, virtually, et cetera. They could research a lot of things on the internet. And I take my son as an example.

[00:13:52] He's a CPA MBA, works for one of the top four accounting firms and he just got tired of the four walls at home. He wanted to come down and environment where he was with his family and his friends. He could still do his job now. He still put in his eight hours a day with his computers going and, his headset on like we have, but he knew he wanted to walk the beach in the morning and see the sunrise.

[00:14:15] He'd get up and walk the beach and beautiful pond beach, and he'd be there. And looking at outside the window at the beach, the umbrella is the Palm trees and know that after work, he could go out and enjoy himself in these salt water pools take advantage of playing golf. Obviously in the summer it doesn't get dark until eight 30.

[00:14:34] So we still had a life ahead of us. And I think the corporations are looking at, they could say money real estate costs, burnout, the, our employees are happier when they have more family time, when a vacation is encouraged and they don't feel they have to be tied to their iPhone, their device checking emails, checking texts every five minutes, they were encouraged to retreat.

[00:14:58] Relax, get away. Build better relationships go on retreats, et cetera. They could still have their iPhone, their computers running, but they don't have to be tied to them eight or 10 hours a day. So again, it's the work-life balance. I'm more about the life work balance.

[00:15:15] I think people are now, after this pandemic, realizing the value of those relationships and the importance of travel. They took it for granted in the past. And now after being cooped up, they couldn't fly. Restaurants were closed. Health clubs were closed.

[00:15:31] Look at me for example, I'm an ex conductor. I could conduct Les Miserables. My favorite Broadway show. I used to go to 20 shows a year, and I've been unable to do that the past almost two years. So again, one of the aspects of travel is anticipation for your Laurence out there. You're entrepreneurs. Once you have a trip booked, and I say, try to book in advance.

[00:15:55] You look forward to something. It brings endorphins to your brain, whether it's a vacation or a wedding, it gets you through troubled times. You're looking forward to something and then you actually have the vacation or the wedding and you have. Actualization of that memory and experience, whether it be adventure, whether you're skiing, you're on a cruise, you're sitting on the beach on Maui or going to museums, you're at a campsite .

[00:16:20] And then with all these gadgets here, what do we do? We capture, we use the technology to capture those memories and experiences, and we share them with our friends, our family, and we build a legacy. So now I think because. As individual entrepreneurs or corporate workers we've been shut out of the travel market.

[00:16:44] It hasn't been open to us. I remember last year at Thanksgiving TV, they were arguing in California. How many, you could have it at, a Thanksgiving dinner before arrested, all the stadiums were closed for football. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a scientist, but things are improving obviously with the booster shots and people getting vaccinated, et cetera, they don't fear death.

[00:17:07] There are symptoms. Some people, even with the vaccines have gotten COVID, but nothing serious. They just go through the symptoms. Quarantine .They're realizing, the extreme value in every aspect of their life, their mental, physical relationship value of travel and leisure. 

[00:17:25] I'd love to give people some of the tips. A lot of people say it's impossible to do what you do, but I've learned how to do it. And I get great pleasure of sharing some of my experiences and tips, showing people again, one of my mantras, you don't have to be rich deliverance.

[00:17:43] You could be. Middle-class like, may, I'm just your middle class guy and still vacation. First-class half the year. 

[00:17:50] Greg Mills: I probably should have asked this early on, but can you talk about some of the services that lifetime leisure experiences provides?

[00:17:59] Coach Chris: Mainly I'm a speaker. I feel that I could best deliver my message from the stage. So a pre COVID, I spoke at a lot of association meetings. Conventions meetings, trade association meetings. They bring me in as a keynote speaker to talk on corporate wellness, to the importance of travel and leisure.

[00:18:20] I also did a lot of breakout sessions, for individuals spousal sessions. I think that financial planners could utilize me cause their clients. I try to give corporations an added value resource. They could bring me in. If I'll say you're a financial planner.

[00:18:38] And instead of talking about your typical financial planning things such as taxes, 401ks, rollovers, et cetera, bring in somebody when people, actually retired. They want to spend time. They have a bucket list. They want to spend more times with their families and I could give them the keys that I financial secrets.

[00:18:58] How does say 90% off the travel budget. Makes their dreams become a reality. So with lifetime leisure, my main aspect is speaking at conventions associations, but I also coach individuals and I've learned the timeshare industry inside and out. There's not a loophole I don't know about the vacation clubs.

[00:19:19] I know all the loopholes that assist them, how they can stay in luxury two, three bedroom suites for I'm not exaggerating here. Motel six prices. Cause I do. 

[00:19:31] Just summarize a, mainly a professional speaker. If anybody's interested in having this type of information addressed at their upcoming association meetings or trade group convention, that's what I do.

[00:19:44] I coach individuals, they just give me their bucket list. They give me their wishes. I show them how to do it. I had a father that heard me speak. He said, coach Chris, I want to take my son to five baseball parks is summer. We want to see the geography, five different cities.

[00:19:59] We love baseball and I showed them how to fly for free to those five cities. How to utilize the Southwest airlines, companion pass, how to acquire it with credit card spending, et cetera. He was able to take his son to five baseball parks. The airfares for all five of those trips with the tax and everything was less than $50, no baggage.

[00:20:21] Check-in. 

[00:20:23] One of my passions is skiing and I love all sports. So I played golf, tennis, football, scuba, diver, everything. But right now I'm a ski bum. I go out to Vail every year and because I love Vail, I get the yearly pass.

[00:20:38] That saves me money. To give you an idea. One hotel room and Vail during ski C's costs, 700 or 750. Plus $50 to valet park your car. That's 800 night for a nice hotel room. Now here's a tip for your listeners to read red And this is a website where you can rent timeshares or now hotel chains, school and vacation clubs.

[00:21:09] And they come in different sizes, different seasons, every resort area around the country. Whether you're going to Las Vegas, New York, Disney world, et cetera, I'll use veil and rent from an owner. Now not from the company and get a one or two bedroom unit with the fireplace sleep, six or eight people, full kitchen, three flat screen TVs, fireplace.

[00:21:34] Pure luxury, a clubhouse with an end or outdoor pools. So on a steam room, Whirlpool free transportation, right to the gondola is ski slopes in Vail, everything you would want, free underground parking, and instead of paying 700 a night, that sleeps too.

[00:21:53] You're going to pay 200 a night or two 50 a night, no tax now. And you're going to sleep eight and you're going to say money because you'll have all these facilities, a full kitchen, a washer dryer. 

[00:22:07] If you have a big family and you want to stay here, where I am on the beach, you get a two bedroom or three bedroom units seats, eight or 12 again, full kitchen. Flat-screen TVs, free wifi. When these resorts come with all the amenities, as far as free water aerobics, miniature golf, tennis, I'm a golfer.

[00:22:27] I even show certain one of my clients, how you could stay at a timeshare on Hilton head . You got plenty of golf courses in Hilton head, how to play golf for free and asleep state unit right across the street from Harvard town's golf course, where they play the week after the masters.

[00:22:43] You overlooking the lighthouse again, full kitchen washer, dryer, and you're going to stay there and get a $15,000 golf vacation. For eight for, for less than $2,000, no tax, it's all possible. So one of the tips, the two big ex expenses and family vacations, we're trying to save money in our airfares and accommodation.

[00:23:07] So we'll finish talking about accommodations. I tell my audience, my clients, forget the word hotel, the typical vacation, forget the resort. The hotel, strike it from your vocabulary. Why? Because Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Western Disney, Starwood, Wyndham, even the Ritz Carlton. Now they all have vacation clubs.

[00:23:34] They used to call them timeshares. And if you're, if you're in the know you have a good coach, you do a little research. You could go on internets and rent from an owner and get again, triple this space. Triple the amenities for a third, the price of a hotel room. Forget Airbnb. Another thing we're talking about safety and this travel environment.

[00:23:58] When you rent an Airbnb room, now everybody's concerned about COVID and safety standards. Sanitisation you don't know what you're getting, and you're not going to get full resort amenities. But if you say at a Marriott vacation club destinations, all their strict safety procedures, sanitisation standards are on their website, and you're going to be able to go into a room.

[00:24:22] That's spin sterilized, even a TV. Remote comes in a, a zip lock. Now everything's social distance, everything meets the standards. So I recommend when it comes to. Your accommodations consider renting a time shear from her own, or if you don't already own one, I show people also the way how to buy them.

[00:24:44] You never buy from the developer, never, ever first rule. It's a rip off save yourself 60 or 80,000. I show my clients that it's a 60 or 80,000 from the upfront costs and how to do it for nothing. One way to do it is rent from an owner. Some people want to stay in hotel chains, all hotel chains, again, it's credit card points.

[00:25:07] They've heard about the points games, travel hacking. Every hotel chain has its own credit card. They have a sign up bonus for your business. People. What you want to do is get the credit card of your choice to take, tell change, build up the loyalty I'm with Marriott Bonvoy because they merged with Western I'm at the top of their loyalty change.

[00:25:29] I stay in suites for free I'm at the concierge lands. I don't pay for breakfast happy hour and that sort of thing. And you could sign up for these credit cards. For instance, the American express pull recent promotion that I took advantage of was spent 5,000 on your business, and you're going to get 125,000 bond boy points, the hotel loyalty points, plus two free nights.

[00:25:54] Plus they give you executive privileges. They bump up your loyalty plan. So there's tricks with every hotel chain. Every airline. Let's talk about airlines. Now we'll flip this switch here. Airlines, how to save money, how to fly for free. I don't pay to fly on five airlines. 

[00:26:14] Greg Mills: That's amazing.

[00:26:16] Coach Chris: I sign up for their credit cards and the sign up bonuses. I spend a minimum. You get one, your spouse gets one, you put one in your business name and the points set up. There's even a credit card out there that I show my clients with American airlines. All you have to do is make one purchase a pack of gum, a cup of coffee, and for signing up for the credit card, you're going to get 60,000 American airline advantage miles.

[00:26:48] So if you do. Your spouse does one. If you're married, you have a business entity like most entrepreneurs. Do you put a business card? And that airline that you utilize, the fly to your desired destination is you're going to fly for free. And a lot of executives that have money, they'll put their business expenses.

[00:27:07] They'll use the points to bump up the first class. So if they're flying coach, now they can fly our first class. So every airline has a sign up bonus. Some of them are better than others. Delta's promotion recently with American express was if you got there Delta gold, sky miles card, you just spend $2,000 over a three month period.

[00:27:29] And for me, everybody, I put my homeowners insurance on a damn credit card, and sure enough, the end of the billing cycle, I had 70,000 more Delta sky miles card reward points. And you could do a lot with that. So that's how you fly for free to two biggest expenses in travel and leisure are airlines, and you don't have to pay for fly.

[00:27:53] If you use the credit card, sign up bonuses appropriately, you keep track of it. And you know how to use reward points, how to book them, et cetera. Again, Southwest airlines has a deal now with a companion pass. If you get so many Southwest reward points, they call them rapid reward points and you get those through credit card spending on two or three credit cards and a business cycle three or four months, you'll be flying free.

[00:28:21] And a companion like that father son did for the baseball games. And a lot of these credit cards is reciprocity like Americans reciprocity with British airways. So wherever you want to fly, there is no reason I haven't paid for flight 14 years and I'm not married to an, a flight. And again, the accommodations.

[00:28:43] If you look at the analysis of what travel expenses are, 85 to 90% of your typical family vacation, et cetera, is airfares and accommodations. So those two tips will help. 

[00:28:58] Running a car. So here's a couple of tips on rental cars, which are probably the third biggest item in travel expenses. Join a loyalty program, figure out what your corporate discount is. I still use my 80 and T corporate discount with national, the best website that does all your comparison shopping is auto plan before your trip, that's your best resource auto

[00:29:28] Rent a mid-size car. And if you're a member of the loyalty program, they're going to upgrade you to an SUV. You're going to pay less and other little side tip. You don't always have to rent from an airport because airports usually try to charge additional taxes. Sometimes 15% more. You're better off from taking a user to a downtown location, saving another 15%.

[00:29:51] So figuring out what the best loyalty discount is. Maybe it's your corporate rate. If you're a member of AAR P like I am that might be a good rate. Costco travel is another good way for your renting cars and to save money. Common member of Costco travels, they have their own website, et cetera. And another tip for people that cruise.

[00:30:12] I'm not a Cruz guy. I've been on a few cruises, the best resource. And I like to give the resources the best newsletter to get his vacations, to That's where you're going to get weekly updates where you're going to get up to 80, 90% off cruises. Cruise lines are hurting. They're trying to come back.

[00:30:34] They're dying for paying customers and use the resources. So I hope that helps your audiences. Now I've talked a lot. Do you have any other particular questions on saving? 

[00:30:48] Greg Mills: Those tips were incredible and I appreciate you sharing them with us. I had some other questions for you, but in regards to that, but if you, I'm also willing to shut up and listen to more tips.

[00:31:03] Coach Chris: Everybody likes to save money, even a rich my best demographic is an entrepreneur that people I could help the most are the middle class people, the baby boomers, et cetera, that have retired or semi-retirement they're entrepreneurs they're way are I'm middle-aged now I'm in my seventies that still want to travel and they want to still work.

[00:31:27] And how do they do combine the both and save money? everybody likes a deal. Everybody talks about the deal. It makes the vacation that much more enjoyable when they're not breaking the bank.

[00:31:40] And when the credit card statement comes in there, there's nothing on their credit card because it's paying for. You have time, and it's really about those memories and experiences and those memories experiences.

[00:31:51] Everybody has a different passion, a different desire, a different.

[00:31:56] Dream, we're there to serve as your dreams. Again, I'm repeating what my company mission is. We're there to serve or just right on my business card. We look forward to servicing your dreams and bringing families together. So their memories last forever.

[00:32:11] Even, in business travel now than when meetings come back in 2022, I encourage people that go to their association meetings, take the family with them. I've showed you the tip so you could pay for it. Take the family, it all fly for free.

[00:32:26] Take the extra day or two at that destination. See the show. See what that city has to offer CD United States. Again, now we're in the COVID environment. Just a word of caution on European travels. Everything changes. We're allowing Europeans to come in here now, but check your destination before you go find out what COVID restrictions are.

[00:32:51] Quarantine what's open. What's not open vaccination certificates required or testing required do due diligence and your research before you think about international travel, because I think we're still a year away when things open it up and getting back to the normal. So I hope those tips to help your entrepreneurial audience.

[00:33:15] Again, we don't have to work from home. We could still do our jobs and work from anywhere.

[00:33:22] We just have to learn how to do it safely and how to do it without breaking the bank and pick the destination of our choice. 

[00:33:29] And there's a way to do it without breaking the bank. And I'm there to help your people. Before I forget, I know you shared this with the audience on my offering your audience, two things. A free consultation with me on a lot could be done in 15 minutes. If they go to a coach, Chris I have an automated calendar, a little questionnaire about their travel plans.

[00:33:54] Are they a member? Any loyalty? How many people traveling time at a year, et cetera, what's on their bucket list. I'll give them a free consultation or they could call me direct if they don't want to use the calendar, I'll even give out my phone number. I'm an going guy, 5 6 1 3 8 6 2 9 8 6. Just mentioned you heard me on, on your show, Greg on your show and I'll give him as much time as I can.

[00:34:20] I also have some people like books in a book of 99 travel tips without skimping 99 travel tips without skimping. If they send me an email to my email, lifetime leisure at bell, I repeat lifetime leisure at bell, Uh, be glad to send them this a lot of insights, secrets 99 trommel tips.

[00:34:51] Pull up YouTube. A lot of my travel tips, my speeches, a lot of my podcasts, such as this or on my YouTube channel. So if they, YouTube lifetime leisure experiences or coach Chris, they'll hear more tips, how to travel, especially now, safety is a factor now, safety and affordably that really bring those memories together their families can stay together.

[00:35:17] Greg Mills: I imagined that you did not come out of the womb knowing how to travel. You explained how you did some of your research. Are there any blogs or, specific websites besides auto 

[00:35:29] Coach Chris: If you're a travel geek, like I am set up a separate email. We all get confused, you know, label a travel. And for all these blogs have them hit one separate, you know, email one is John H

[00:35:44] John a If you want to learn how to travel with the Southwest companion pass, she charges a yearly fee. She's very good. Squalled the travel travel There's another one. Sherman's travel. gives you different specials. There's another, great blog website. They even have a free tutorial on travel hacking 10 X

[00:36:17] A lot of these. Also have podcasts one's miles to They have a weekly newsletter to tells you about all these travel deals, credit cards, et cetera. I learned from them miles to Another one would be for your listeners entrepreneurs of Monat travel, travel pulse, P U L as But I think the best thing to do is subscribe to the set up a separate email, figure out a strategy, pick a destination.

[00:36:56] Thank you execute. And then when we travel, think about your desired destination plan in advance because you're going to save money. If you're traveling with your children or grandkids in advance, look at a calendar, figure out the destination of your choice and start planning as soon as you can, because you're going to save money.

[00:37:16] That way. A lot of these vacation clubs are timeshares. Fill up. I booked my ski trip 13 months in advance, 13 months. That's why out I can stay there. People say, how do you do this? Cause I know the rules, I follow the rules. I know I have X amount of Marriott, timeshare or vacation club points. I know I have avail ski pass.

[00:37:40] I'm a part of the social club out there. I used to race on her ski team, Vail ski team. And I know that's where I want to be. I even keep a car out there. I'm in the saving money. I did a. Spreadsheet. It's cheaper for me to have a second car Subaru Outback that I used in the snow than renting a car for two months.

[00:37:59] So I call that my west coast scar. And so plan in advance, figure out for your family, your friends, your situation, pick the airline, again, these credit cards, signup, bonuses, pick the airline that gets you to that destination.

[00:38:15] Again, I'm using myself an example. I go to New York before COVID cause I'm a Broadway freak, 20 shows a year. So I know Delta and jet blue fly non-stop from west Palm beach to New York. So I subscribed to both of their credit cards. So I fly for free. 

[00:38:33] American airlines gets me out to Reno. It also stops one stop that gets me out the veil. So I try to accumulate points and the, American airlines program and for hotel chains, the same thing for the business, travel for the entrepreneurs. Try to get high, loyalty with one brand so you can get those late checkout.

[00:38:57] You could get upgraded to sweets. You get that free breakfast. You get, free gifts when you check in there's so many advantages to that. By the way. With these credit cards, another advantage you're not paying for luggage. Check-in you know, the airlines now charge some of them $35. You checked in at back $40, et cetera. When you get the credit card of that choice airlines, you do not pay for baggage check-in and you also get priority boarding.

[00:39:27] So after first-class boards, you're not fighting for the overhead compartments, et cetera. At the end, you board right after first class. And that's another little advantage. So there's all sorts of tricks. Loopholes. Again, for your audience, feel free to give me a call. I'm giving out my phone number (561) 386-2986.

[00:39:51] If they want to make an appointment. Do it on my automated calendar coach, Chris would be my pleasure to empower them to this luxury travel now with the safe insights, secrets, how they go about doing this through a, an I do have a coaching program to take it to the next step with them, if they're interested.

[00:40:13] And if they do have an association meeting coming up in 2022, which trade group or convention consider me as a speaker, I do speaking on this particular topic, work-life balance all the tricks. We couldn't get into all of them here. And I entertain. I'm also a standup comedian. Cause if you're not funny, you're not going to get paid to speak.

[00:40:34] I do all sorts of events from spousal events to keynotes, to executives, et cetera. I can help anybody, but I feel my best demographic that I've helped the most over the last 18 years are active baby boomers that have extended families. They're trying to save money.

[00:40:51] They have a bucket list, spend more time, quality time with their family. They want to, I take the guesswork out. I've spent years. It's like I said, a drug, doing all the research, doing all the hard work. I keep up with it every day. It changes every day and that's where I could benefit the most from speaking from the stage.

[00:41:11] Usually at my speeches have a long question and answer session that benefits the audience also. So if they want to get ahold of me again, they have my phone. They want the book lifetime and they can look me up on YouTube under coach Chris. I think if they Google coach Chris or lifetime leisure experiences, they'll get some of my podcasts.

[00:41:37] Greg Mills: I think that any entrepreneur that's looking to travel, definitely get in touch with coach Chris. Now you won't be disappointed. Now let's get ready to wrap this up. Is there an app that you currently recommend to somebody, for starting their travel adventures or an app that's come in handy for you?

[00:41:57] Coach Chris: I use the bond boy, cause I stay at Marriott, timeshares and hotels . Now, if you're going to be a member of a hotel loyalty program, I recommend the Marriott Bonvoy account. Cause they did merge with Western and Starwood. They have a lot of brands, courtyards residence, and so all the way up to the Ritz Carlton and they have a very useful app on their phone.

[00:42:22] But again, bill loyalty, that's an app I use every day, keep track of all my reservations, my status, et cetera. As far as checking airfare, I don't pay to fly, but if people still looking for websites, airfare, is an excellent one to check different wage fair competitor.

[00:42:43] Dot com is a resource for checking airlines, paying airfares. But once you get to know what coach Chris knows, or you allow me to be your coach and advisor, you won't even pay to fly. So you won't even need those websites 

[00:42:59] Greg Mills: what's your favorite travel destination overall.

[00:43:02] Coach Chris: For skiing. I guess I like the. 

[00:43:05] I love lake Tahoe and the weather,. Believe it or not for culture, I do enjoy New York. So for Lincoln center and the Broadway shows, but I have been all over Europe and I'm a scuba diver. And, uh, for that I've been to Bon air and beliefs to make sure I get on the best dives.

[00:43:27] And I do love Europe again for the ski. And then the culture. everybody's a little different, 

[00:43:34] I'll tell you one thing. I'm not a motel six guy. I got spoiled. I like the luxury of the suites, the nice views, the rooms, et cetera. And once you stay, I'm telling you once your clientele, your audience stays in these luxury timeshare.

[00:43:51] They're not going to want to stay in a hotel. Once you get the TVs, the free wifi, the kitchens in a washer dryers. And of course you less than a hotel room and there's all sorts of tricks, which would be a whole new hour on timeshares. But I recommend people utilize my knowledge and expertise. They get buy timeshares for a dollar.

[00:44:13] I'm repeating myself, but once you stay in these hotel chains, they cation clubs.

[00:44:19] You're not going to want to stay in a hotel. You're going to get resort amenities. I take my family like, you know, hotel, doesn't give you water aerobics classes, free golf, et cetera. They're not giving you that entertainment 24 hours a day. And, but these resort timeshares by the major hotel chains.

[00:44:40] Now I'm talking about Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Western. You could Google on and, but here very important, never. Your audience ever buy a timeshare vacation club from the developer, only on the resale market, they're going to save 80, 90% of the price. There's no reason they could same going to get the same benefits.

[00:45:06] You don't have to be rich to leverage you could. Another trick I use, if the people call me, I get them because of my status with Marriott and Hilton on these vacation preview tours, where they're going to go to these luxury resorts for four days, three nights, and a why I don't care, Boston, Orlando, but they got to put up with the salesman for an hour.

[00:45:29] I tell him what to say. So there were only there 40 minutes and they're going to save 70%, but never, ever buy the product. From direct sales on the sales tours from the timeshare resorts. It's a big mistake. People say they made the mistake and I'm trying to make sure they could still enjoy these benefits.

[00:45:52] It's all luxury, but do it for pennies on a dollar. You don't have to own these times years. Just know how to run them again. The big website, red for people that want a vacation rent, somebody else's timeshares. I think as people get older, they find out what their families, their favorite destinations after they've seen the world and they wind up going back to the same places like. 

[00:46:21] Greg Mills: Well, that's a wrap. Thank you, coach Chris for being a guest on entrepreneurs over 40.

[00:46:29] Coach Chris: I thank you for the opportunity and sharing with you with your audience, because people have helped me to get where I am being an entrepreneur. I believe everybody needs a coach, a mentor in any endeavor they're doing do the little homework themselves, and then reach out to the experts.

[00:46:47] So, thanks again.