Dec. 13, 2021

Ep31 - Catherine Kirk Invented The Coffee Bullet To Prevent Coffee Filter Collapse

Ep31 - Catherine Kirk Invented The Coffee Bullet To Prevent Coffee Filter Collapse

Episode Thirty One Features Catherine Kirk Talking about Her Invention,  The Coffee Bullet
My Key Takeaways:
Catherine is a wonderful lady who invented a product to solve an issue that she herself was having.   She knew that automatic drip coffee makers ...

Episode Thirty One Features Catherine Kirk Talking about Her Invention,  The Coffee Bullet

My Key Takeaways:

Catherine is a wonderful lady who invented a product to solve an issue that she herself was having.   She knew that automatic drip coffee makers make an amazing cup of coffee.  She also knew that sometimes the coffee grounds end up in the pot or coffee overflows onto the counter because of coffee filter collapse.  She invented the Coffee Bullet to solve her own problem and prevent coffee filter collapse.


In this episode Catherine shares:

  • That she invented this despite suffering from Lupus and Leukemia and how it gave her something to focus on. How she broke each individual problem down and solved it despite knowing nothing about Inventing or Product Design. What Focus means to her. The surprising health benefits of drinking coffee from a paper filter. Some of the individuals that she met along her journey that helped bring the Coffee Bullet to the market. How she would relentlessly research new concepts and ideas related to her invention. That she had to move on from the first name that she chose for her product and ultimately found a better one. Why she believes that manufacturing here in the United States has been better for her product than overseas. How most of her customers are finding her product. What her next steps are with The Coffee Bullet.

To learn more about Catherine, her website is and she can be found on Ebay, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube as well.  

Next week we'll have on Connie Inukai talking about her invention, the Tip&Split as well as her online course "Write Your Selfie."    Be sure to hit subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


[00:00:00] Greg Mills: Our guest today is a thrifty determined and coffee and loving Colorado mother, mother of four and grandmother of seven. She was proud to be able to say that she is a Colorado native and that 

[00:00:11] our product is 100% made in the USA. 

[00:00:15] She knows that her tested and proven 

[00:00:17] effective product has solved the problem of filter collapse, simplifying the lives of coffee drinkers everywhere.

[00:00:24] Hers is a simple solution that makes a better cup of coffee and improves your day without further ado. Catherine Kirk,

[00:00:31] now, right after we started, we had approximately 10 minutes of connectivity, hell and lost part of the interview. Isn't technology. Wonderful. I believe that I can paraphrase everything though. Catherine came up with the idea for the coffee bullet. At the same time, she was struggling with leukemia. 

[00:00:50] She said that focusing on creating the coffee bullet, gave her a purpose and helped her continue her wellness journey. 

[00:00:58] As you'll learn throughout the interview with Catherine focus is very important to her. She went on to tell me the following facts regarding coffee. Amazingly 2.2, 5 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally every day and approximately 750 million paper filters. Are you used each day in automatic drip coffee makers. 

[00:01:21] The biggest disadvantage to using paper filters and automatic drip coffee makers is the. Collapsed causing the coffee grounds to overflow into your coffee pot. And even worse overflow onto your calendar. The coffee bullet stops this problem permanently and saves you time and money. Permanent filter seemed like a great alternative to paper filters, but they must be washed and you get that sludge at the end of your cup in your cream. 

[00:01:49] Which is yucky. But more importantly, permanent filters do not filter any of the diner pins, which are oily compounds that have been linked to increased cholesterol levels in the human body. When Marvel disadvantage are choosing paper filters with brewing coffee is the ability to reduce the risk of coffee related cholesterol injuries. 

[00:02:12] It seems incredible, but coffee can increase cholesterol levels. In fact, according to researchers, one diterpene called Kapha stall. Has been found to be the most. Potent. Cholesterol elevating Cabela's identified the human diet. And test nearly all coffee related to cholesterol rise for both total and LDL. 

[00:02:35] Was linked to unfiltered coffee. 

[00:02:39] Fortunately diner, beads or oily substances and stick to the paper, filter alone. Very few to escape into your coffee pot. Paper filters filter died, or beans giving you one more bit of control over your cholesterol levels. 

[00:02:58] All right. Now we can pick back up with Katherine discussing the process. Of how she invented the coffee bullet. 

[00:03:07] Catherine Kirk: , I had a lot of things to drive me along in the process. I started out, I made myself a prototype to start, testing it and it worked 

[00:03:19] Greg Mills: How did you create that? 

[00:03:21] Catherine Kirk: It was very, simple, really I found 

[00:03:24] some plastic that I used and kind of cut it into the shape that 

[00:03:29] I wanted it to be, filed it down and got it ready to go.

[00:03:34] As I started testing it and it was close to the size and then, , I found out I needed to have a CAD file. Well, I'd never heard of it. 

[00:03:43] The I had no idea. And every single step of the process was like that for me, I didn't know what it was. 

[00:03:50] So I started researching on Google, everything. I looked up on Google, 

[00:03:55] To see what a CAD file was, who could make it, who could do it in my tight budget 

[00:04:02] and found, an amazing person who helped me, all the way through I've met really wonderful people who, I have learned from 

[00:04:11] who have helped me, they would be talking to me and 

[00:04:15] I would be writing as fast as I could, because I didn't know what they were talking about. And then I'd get off and I'd start researching what it was. 

[00:04:24] And a CAD file is just basically a computer aided drawing 

[00:04:28] that is usually 3d so that when you go to a manufacturer, 

[00:04:34] they have something to work with. So I found that and I got that. And then 

[00:04:39] I needed to be able to get, a 3d print of it to make certain that my drawing, because I had a drawing of it,. Then I needed to make certain that it was gonna work at the size and everything that it came out to be.

[00:04:53] I started all of it in 2017, I was diagnosed the end of December and by 2017, I really needed focus. So in my mind constantly was I needed to focus, focus 

[00:05:08] on, the target focused on my goal, focus on what I was doing. Focus on learning every day. 

[00:05:16] So I actually started calling around and I found this wonderful man at a university and he made me a 3d 

[00:05:27] printing for my, CAD file. 

[00:05:31] And I took it home and tested it and it wasn't quite right. 

[00:05:35] So back to the CAD file, and we adjusted it and I drew it out the way we needed it to be a little differently. 

[00:05:43] So. Then I went back and, spoke to the man at the university again, and he printed me another one and other 3d print for it. 

[00:05:55] It was just right. So I tested it some more.

[00:05:59] And at the same time, I started to look for information on patenting, the idea.

[00:06:05] What to do, how to do it. Found a very wonderful attorney who worked with me on undoing the patent. Then, I realized that, 

[00:06:15] I needed to have a name 

[00:06:17] that was quite a process. It took me a long time. I think I had three pages.

[00:06:23] I, I took, coffee and filter and fix. 

[00:06:28] And I started finding as synonyms of the words and putting them together in all different ways. Page after page, I drove 

[00:06:37] my kids nuts. I drove everybody. I

[00:06:40] was, what do you think of this? What do you think of that? The bottom line 

[00:06:43] was, it was the focus that I chose the name 

[00:06:48] for. cause I kept thinking my son, if you see in the background as an army ranger was an army ranger. He went through focus and training my other son, put himself through college and focused and my 

[00:07:04] daughters, one is a single mother of three teenagers. One is, married with four kids and running her own business.

[00:07:13] They all focused. They all do different kinds of target shooting or some kind of something. And I kept thinking about a target. What was my target? It was to fix this problem. It was to make my kids proud. My grandkids proud it was to take aim. I started thinking, taking game taking, what do you take aim at a target, a target take aim and a target.

[00:07:39] Take aim at that bullseye and don't stop until you. And so coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, bullet coffee, bullet, take aim, coffee filter, fix. And that's my in was, was coffee bullet. Take him at coffee filter. Fixed. 

[00:07:59] Greg Mills: Okay. it seems like a natural would have been groundskeeper. 

[00:08:03] Catherine Kirk: Yeah, it was my first idea. And I had a really big struggle stepping away from that, but there was 

[00:08:10] another person who'd used it for. something. And so I needed to start all over. That's where the three pages 

[00:08:17] of 

[00:08:18] names came because once I had picked one that I liked. 

[00:08:23] It was hard to budge away from it. Um, but it had to be mine and had to be original. And, um, the, what I kept thinking of 

[00:08:34] was the focus is what am I really doing? 

[00:08:37] I'm trying to focus on something productive so that I don't focus on things that are not pretty. 

[00:08:47] I just kept seeing this target that 

[00:08:50] I had to 

[00:08:50] focus at.

[00:08:52] And so that it just evolved into finally the coffee 

[00:08:57] bullet


[00:08:58] I think the coffee, bullet's a great name. I was joking there because catherine had told me in a prior call that she'd come up with the name of the groundskeeper.

[00:09:08] Catherine Kirk: Yeah, it would have been, perfect. 

[00:09:11] Greg Mills: No, I think the coffee bullet's perfect

[00:09:15] Catherine Kirk: it turned out to be because I had to focus so hard, 

[00:09:18] And I really wanted it made in the United States. I had a lot of people that I reached out to say, you can make it cheaper in other countries. You can, make it more available. It'll be a better made it'll, there'll be able to do it quicker. I didn't find 

[00:09:38] that to be true. I found it to be more expensive. 

[00:09:41] I didn't do a lot of looking into it because I just wanted it made here. And I did it all in Colorado. Since I'm a name. 

[00:09:50] I was fortunate enough to find everything to be done 

[00:09:53] here. And I kept it local. I kept it with people that, were very helpful to me.

[00:10:01] People that were, hard workers, honest, always willing to take an extra minute and talk to me. 

[00:10:11] Just being very helpful. 

[00:10:13] So I liked giving them the business. 

[00:10:16] Greg Mills: Think we're finding out now that with the shipping disaster. That's happening on the west coast. Stuff from China is not so cheap. 

[00:10:25] Catherine Kirk: No, no, it's not. 

[00:10:27] I'm from here and I just wanted it local. So then I had to go forward and choose a material that would be safe for food. Safe and not melt when the heat hit it. It had to be able to go up to certain degrees, with the water being hot. 

[00:10:50] Greg Mills: What was that roughly 

[00:10:51] Catherine Kirk: It's right around one 50 boiling, just under boiling. They say you shouldn't put boiling water through coffee because it's, isn't as effective and that it changes different things about 

[00:11:03] it changes the flavor. So it's better to keep it just under boiling. 

[00:11:07] Still, it has to get pretty hot,

[00:11:09] To enjoy your cup of coffee.

[00:11:11] So are you manufacturing and selling the coffee? Bullet yourself? 

[00:11:16] Catherine Kirk: I don't 

[00:11:17] manufacturer it. I have a manufacturer that's in grand junction. I got them all manufactured in kind of one big lump 

[00:11:24] So I have a little pile of them here that I go through and send them out as quickly as I can. The next idea I had to come up with was packaging.

[00:11:34] You know, the crazy thing is I had this simple little 

[00:11:37] idea and I never knew there would be so many steps 

[00:11:42] to go from being annoyed with the filter class. 

[00:11:48] To actually having a product that would be able to be 

[00:11:51] marketed and put out for people to use. 

[00:11:55] Greg Mills: Did you ever try to license it? 

[00:12:00] Catherine Kirk: I haven't yet, but I want to, 

[00:12:01] I it's another new process. I have to learn how to do. 

[00:12:05] Greg Mills: Okay.

[00:12:06] Catherine Kirk: I would love to license it, 

[00:12:08] And have someone else possibly do the manufacturing and take it over and do that. I would love to, I, it's just, another process for me to learn how to approach. I have to learn kind of how to do, like what they call an elevator pitch, 

[00:12:26] where if you 

[00:12:27] were closed in an elevator 

[00:12:29] for just, a few floors with someone . What would 

[00:12:32] you say quickly enough to sell it 

[00:12:34] That's another one of my next steps. 

[00:12:37] Yes. I would love to license it. Then I had to come up with a logo. I had to come up with packaging. Coloring. I went through different colors trying to decide what was the most catchy color? 

[00:12:53] What did I like the best? I thought about 

[00:12:56] red because of the target and I did end up going with it though.

[00:13:03] I ended up going with green, and, the packaging was 

[00:13:10] Very helpful. I found another woman who helped me to design 

[00:13:17] different ideas. I would give her ideas. She would come up with different little things. We played with it. We moved it around on the box. I had thought about not putting it in a box and having it just hang from a ring.

[00:13:31] I had all my first little. Homemade packages. You know, my, my counters, my table, everything was covered with these ideas and drawings. It was a lot of 

[00:13:46] work, but it saved me. It did, it saved me. It saved my mental, 

[00:13:52] Peace of mind because 24 7 I was thinking about what was the 

[00:13:57] next thing to do?

[00:13:58] What would be a good logo? What would be a good, 

[00:14:00] line 

[00:14:01] like, , take aim at coffee, filter 

[00:14:04] collapsed. 

[00:14:06] That's what I was trying to do. And so it fit it. Perfect. 

[00:14:11] And so, 

[00:14:13] The packaging was next. Then I had to come up with a website 

[00:14:19] and, that was, another job because I had to figure out what to put on each page.

[00:14:26] How did I want it to 

[00:14:27] look, what would draw customers to it still learning that. Marketing and sales is another step. Every step is something new. I had done sales and marketing with my stained glass company. It was like cold calls. I would call, everybody that did glass and find out the home builders and glass companies who wanted sandblasting, who went, But this is different.

[00:14:59] You just can't call people on the phone and say, Hey, do you want to try my product? It doesn't work that way. So I had to learn social media. I found an amazing person to build my 

[00:15:13] website. Marcus

[00:15:16] Jeffrey he's amazing. 

[00:15:18] And then, had to start figuring out how to do social media, 

[00:15:25] how to get followers, how to get 

[00:15:27] people to be interested in the product. I 

[00:15:32] have all five stores. 

[00:15:33] Greg Mills: What would you say your, biggest or your best social media platform is. 

[00:15:45] Catherine Kirk: Well, I'm on Twitter. I'm on Instagram, Facebook. I don't really get on, I never really get on it. So those two eBay, I 

[00:15:54] put on it onto eBay. They sell on eBay. 

[00:15:59] Most of the people that I have asked to have purchased it have said, and I don't know that they're finding me on, on the, uh, social media.

[00:16:09] Instagram is probably my, my best, but, um, the ones that find me say that they Google 

[00:16:16] the problem. 

[00:16:17] They Google how 

[00:16:18] to fix the coffee filter collapse. 

[00:16:21] It's kind of 

[00:16:21] funny. Some have tried to scratch. which to me seems like that might make your coffee kind of yucky, turning them inside, 

[00:16:29] out, making them what, and, and you just don't need to do all that.

[00:16:33] It, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't, you just don't need to with my 

[00:16:38] product, it never fails. I've even taken the 

[00:16:43] filter and crumpled it up 

[00:16:44] so that it was just a complete 

[00:16:46] mess. Put it in. Drops my product in it, and it 

[00:16:51] still always stays 

[00:16:53] up. completely fixed. 

[00:16:56] There are you on Amazon or on YouTube? 

[00:17:01] Catherine Kirk: I am not on Amazon. I am on YouTube. Um, when I was first launching, I did a program. That was called fast TV network. And they did a commercial for me at the Indy 500. And, 

[00:17:17] The problem with it is I was on their shows, 

[00:17:21] but I didn't find out until after the fact that people

[00:17:24] have to see it over and over and over and over, usually 

[00:17:27] with their shows they're on there to see the 

[00:17:29] show.

[00:17:31] So there's little 

[00:17:32] bleep of a commercial wasn't enough to 

[00:17:35] generate. Really, really many sales 

[00:17:40] when it started to 

[00:17:42] generate sales was just simply, 

[00:17:46] I think posting enough to get my algorithm. They say up to where people found me when they searched, how to stop the coffee filter from

[00:17:56] collapsing.

[00:17:57] And that's where most of my sales come on. 

[00:18:00] Yeah, I could see YouTube. Pretty good method of introducing it to people just having a video or videos out there introducing it and going over the features

[00:18:11] Catherine Kirk: Right. 

[00:18:12] I probably 

[00:18:12] need to do some more of those. It's been a lot of 

[00:18:15] work for sure. Um, and marketing is 

[00:18:21] is still my next new project. How to get it 

[00:18:27] out. It's not like I can put a TV commercial 

[00:18:31] on, they're pretty expensive. That would maybe make a difference. And even that, now that I've learned, 

[00:18:37] if it takes people, seeing it over and over and 

[00:18:39] over to really go. Yeah. I think I really want to find that. 

[00:18:45] Greg Mills: Yeah, Alan Beckley. One of our previous guests said that he had that experience with his product, the wonder wallet, that direct response TV, , showed it over and over and over and people bought off of that. But those that didn't buy it. They ended up, going out in the stores and they would see it.

[00:19:03] And. Oh, Hey, that's the wonder wallet I saw that. I wonder if that would work and they'll buy it, it was just getting it into the minds of people of consumers. So, 

[00:19:17] Catherine Kirk: Cause we're all 

[00:19:18] busy, , you see it and you think, oh, I want that And then 

[00:19:22] your day goes on and you forgot.

[00:19:26] By the end of the day, you have to see things a few times or, you, know, catchy, jingles, 

[00:19:31] something like that. 

[00:19:32] Kind of keeps it going. I ended up getting my utility 

[00:19:36] patent for 

[00:19:38] all sizes. I got a trademark, then the name is trademarked 

[00:19:43] and, I have my website and little by 

[00:19:47] little, I just. Learning. I have a very strong belief 

[00:19:52] that you just keep taking one step after another 

[00:19:56] and you stay focused and never, ever, ever give up.

[00:20:03] So that's my motto. I was recently, 

[00:20:06] I was 

[00:20:08] , Robert bear wrote my story in 

[00:20:10] his book and that was. A real honor. I was honored to be not only in his book, but I was honored to be one of only 7% of the 

[00:20:25] sole inventors that are women. I just 

[00:20:28] never knew that.

[00:20:30] So that was very exciting.

[00:20:31] Greg Mills: That's another big factor. A lot of inventors never make any money off of their product.

[00:20:38] Catherine Kirk: Right. It's definitely work. And there's times, when you try something and you think, oh, it doesn't work or, you post and you don't get likes and you see someone else posts something and then. 3000 . So there's times where you just think, I don't know what I'm doing, but I just kept going.

[00:20:59] I just kept going and going 

[00:21:02] Greg Mills: So going back to the packaging, how did you get a barcode? 

[00:21:08] Catherine Kirk: I had to go and find out how to do that as well and how to 

[00:21:11] purchase one and how to get it so that it would work on mine. Um, I just went researched research, research. That's all I can tell anybody. If you have an idea. 

[00:21:25] , go to, 

[00:21:27] Any means you have to, to research and figure out 

[00:21:31] how you get the barcode, take notes.

[00:21:33] I've got three or four notebooks full of just notes 

[00:21:38] I just kept trying, and really there's answers out there for everything. this is the coffee bullet. 

[00:21:46] So it's very simple, which is how my mind works. And I wanted it simple because who wants to have a problem and then have to make it more difficult to fix it. Right. 

[00:21:58] Right and pre coffee or not exactly at our best. .

[00:22:03] Catherine Kirk: Here's my coffee 

[00:22:04] pot. Okay. So what you do 

[00:22:08] is you put your filter in 

[00:22:13] I'm just going to take the basket out. 

[00:22:16] So you've got your basket. Put your coffee in there, then you take your coffee bullet and you set it on top. It's not exactly on top, but it's at the top of the filter. Okay.

[00:22:32] See to me, you may not even need to be selling this yourself. This may be more of a tie in with like a coffee pot manufacturer like bud or some of the other coffee pop manufacturers 

[00:22:45] Catherine Kirk: you know that the coffee filter was invented by one. 

[00:22:49] Greg Mills: Really. 

[00:22:50] Catherine Kirk: Yeah. A lot of women have invented a lot of things, but the coffee filter itself was invented by a woman. And so the fix for it was to 

[00:22:59] So, yeah, it's very simple. You just drop it in there and uh, that's it Then when you're done you, 

[00:23:06] take it out, wash it and it's ready for the 

[00:23:08] next time.

[00:23:09] Greg Mills: I'm just wondering if this product should be included with your coffee pot, 

[00:23:14] Catherine Kirk: I think so.

[00:23:15] Greg Mills: Yeah, I think so. too, that might be your licensing play Right. 

[00:23:19] there,

[00:23:20] Catherine Kirk: Well, if there's any 

[00:23:21] coffee makers out there, that would like to talk to me, I am ready to talk. 

[00:23:26] Greg Mills: Yeah. We'll have you in the show notes, but , have you read anything like Stephen keys, one simple idea, or any of Brian Fried's books? 

[00:23:36] Catherine Kirk: I have. In fact, I just recently, did a little bit of an 

[00:23:41] interview with, Brian freed and I joined, his inventors group. We 

[00:23:47] are doing a few things together on a very nice man as well. 

[00:23:53] I have just met people that have been. 

[00:23:56] Helpful. Encouraging a lot of people are at different levels of inventing.

[00:24:04] They haven't got their CAD file yet, or they 

[00:24:06] don't quite know which direction to go. 

[00:24:09] I totally understand that because it takes a lot of work to do it. This is 2021. Really, I'm still working 

[00:24:20] on it, since 2017 is when I started. So it's a 

[00:24:25] long process, a lot more than I ever would have thought.

[00:24:29] I think in the 

[00:24:29] beginning,

[00:24:31] why just needed it? I needed it for me, but 

[00:24:35] I don't know if I didn't know everything I 

[00:24:38] had to do when I first started, if it would have 

[00:24:41] almost felt like to me. Because there are a lot of steps to, , 

[00:24:49] get your idea from here to here. It's huge. I had a wonderful family who stood behind me. And encouraged me. 

[00:25:03] They talked to me, late nights when I was up working on it and 

[00:25:08] throwing ideas out, giving me ideas, looking at my design for the box. 

[00:25:15] What do you think of this on? What do you think of that? I pestered everybody and I was fortunate to have. A really good team of people behind me. 

[00:25:26] Greg Mills: So what does inventing this meant for you personally and how has it changed your life? It sounds like it's brought something for you to, to focus on 

[00:25:36] Catherine Kirk: I learned

[00:25:38] so much and you can never have knowledge 

[00:25:41] taken from you 

[00:25:43] along with the 

[00:25:44] focus that took me from my fear to something 

[00:25:48] productive. I learned over and over and 

[00:25:52] over something new all the 

[00:25:54] time. And that knowledge, even Just going over 

[00:25:58] it before I talked to you, I was like, wow. 

[00:26:02] There really was a lot of 

[00:26:03] stuff I learned 

[00:26:05] and, that'll never 

[00:26:06] be taken from me. Knowledge is one thing that you can't lose. Hopefully it stays within you.

[00:26:13] Pride in the fact that I had an idea and I was able to stick to it and not give up.

[00:26:20] There were a few times where I 

[00:26:22] thought, I don't think I can learn 

[00:26:23] that. I think that's above me. And then I would say, listen to what you just said to yourself. So then I would start again, 

[00:26:30] The 

[00:26:30] next day. At the same time, 

[00:26:34] I have both lupus and leukemia.

[00:26:36] So at the same time 

[00:26:38] As I was fighting those 

[00:26:39] things, it gave me something to 

[00:26:44] feel good about when I didn't always 

[00:26:46] feel good. It gave me 

[00:26:50] more strength of my willpower. When I was. Sometimes not feeling well. And I would be able to research, 

[00:27:02] I think it changed some of my own 

[00:27:05] self-respect because I was able to show my kids and my grandkids that grandma can still do something.

[00:27:18] There. Thoughts of me they're everything to me. So, that made me feel proud that I could do that. And that I didn't give up the times when I felt like, I wanted to, and there were some times when I just thought, I don't know how to do this. I'm not smart enough. All the little things, all the voices in our heads that. You know that we have 

[00:27:42] we can all do anything we want to do. We just have to get back up when we fall

[00:27:48] down. that was my goal to just keep taking that next step, whatever how tiny I had to do, it in tiny pieces, because there were a lot of steps. And so sometimes. those tiny pieces were all I could consume at that moment.

[00:28:07] And sometimes that was too much. So I would step back and I would go back over what I'd done. And I would say, Hey, you did this. So why can't you do this? Just keep at it. And, like I said, I

[00:28:21] had met wonderful people that encouraged me, pushed me along and. I think just finding a little bit of self-confidence.

[00:28:33] We all have to work on it. I still have to work on it. I still have work on this to do, but I, I guess I'm just normal. I'm just a normal person. Like anybody else say I'm a mom, I'm a grandma. I'm I did my first business and I did this. And I'm just normal. I'm, I'm just a normal everyday person. Like anybody else with no degree, no brilliance, just determination.

[00:29:08] And

[00:29:09] I think

[00:29:09] that for someone else out there

[00:29:12] that has an idea, I would say, don't give up on it.

[00:29:18] Now, do you have any ideas for more products to invent or what's next for you? 

[00:29:24] Catherine Kirk: What's next, trying to figure out how to license this and get it in front of more people because when people see it and you use it, they love it. Like I said, I have all five star. If you go to my website is coffee filter, and. I have all five star ratings. People have been very kind to write reviews of then, which is, that does more for me than anything.

[00:29:53] I just get tickled every time somebody writes a review and they say, I love it. Or, I wish I had come up with this idea. It's very encouraging on the days when you don't know for sure if you're doing it right and you get a review and someone loves it, it makes makes you feel really good.

[00:30:15] It's been a

[00:30:16] long process, but each step has been an

[00:30:18] accomplishment. And when I look back over it, it, uh, it makes me feel good that I didn't give up and it kept going and, and kept taking aim and focusing on, on whatever that very next little step was.

[00:30:36] If there's any other inventors out there, any other people that have ideas and they wonder what to do, they're welcome to reach out and ask me questions. I'll answer anything. I that's how I look.

[00:30:50] I was asking people who had done it, asking people who knew whatever it was that I was trying for. And sometimes I got answers. Sometimes I didn't get answers, but, I would be happy to share anything with anyone because that's what you do. You pass it forward.

[00:31:10] Let's get ready to wrap this up. What's the best way for somebody to check you out or to contact you? 

[00:31:19] Catherine Kirk: My email is a coffee filter My phone number is (720) 938-3800. I'm on Instagram. I'm on Twitter. Those are my main two and I'm on eBay. I sell it on eBay,

[00:31:42] They can reach out to me anyway. I would answer any questions.

[00:31:45] Anyone had

[00:31:46] Greg Mills: Okay. What's the number one piece of advice that you can give for our listeners?

[00:31:55] Catherine Kirk: never give up. Never ever, ever give up Just, just don't do it. Keep going, keep going, keep taking that next step. That has to be a tiny step. That's okay. You have to crawl, crawl, whatever it. takes. Just keep going. Just keep after it. You can do anything you set your mind to.

[00:32:21] I believe that.

[00:32:24] You can find her at the coffee bullet, both at coffee filter, That's a wrap. Thank you, Catherine, for being a guest on entrepreneurs over 40. 

[00:32:35] Catherine Kirk: Thank you.