Jan. 10, 2022

Ep35 - La’Quita Monley Overcomes Teen Pregnancy To Be A Successful Coach And Real Estate Investor

Ep35 - La’Quita Monley Overcomes Teen Pregnancy To Be A Successful Coach And Real Estate Investor

Episode Thirty Five Features La'Quita Monley Talking About Overcoming Teen Pregnancy To Be A Successful Coach And Real Estate Investor
My Key Takeaways:
La'Quita was great to talk to and I learned a lot from her.  Both she and her husband overcame early ...

Episode Thirty Five Features La'Quita Monley Talking About Overcoming Teen Pregnancy To Be A Successful Coach And Real Estate Investor My Key Takeaways:

La'Quita was great to talk to and I learned a lot from her.  Both she and her husband overcame early mistakes and have gone on to be very successful in life.  She was very candid and truly wants to pay it forward and help as many people as possible.

In this episode La'Quita shares:

That she is the proud wife of an ex active Duty US Army soldier and that she is the mother of five children and grandmother to five grandchildren.

How she and her husband met.

Her unlikely path to becoming a coach and the woman that helped her achieve it.

The value of education to her.

How she almost unintentionally crushed her son's spirit while attempting to convince him to follow a more traditional path.

Why she became a certified John Maxwell coach.

How she is able to use Biblical principles while assisting her clients, even if they are not Christian.

The most important thing when someone decides to change their mindset.

How we can use fear as a tool to achieve lasting change and success.

What she believes the Law of Attraction is.

What a true Proverbs 31 woman is and how the role has been greatly misunderstood in our culture.

Why she started her own podcast.

To learn more about La'Quita, her website is LaQuita Monley and her podcast is at LaQuita’s Toolbox - Podcast.co  She can be found on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and most Social Media as well.    Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes. 

Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


[00:00:00] Greg Mills: Our guests today wears many hats. In addition to being a devoted wife, mother of five and grandmother of five, she also operates in purpose and expertise as a savvy real estate investor, transformational coach, teacher, trainer, and international speaker with the John Maxwell team from the UK to Kenya, Germany, and back to the U S her mantle is to charge the others with the task of progress.

[00:00:26] Into the best version of themselves. She loves to equip individuals, organizations, and ministries to unlock their full potential and live out their mission in the most authentic way possible. Her passion is partner with women as they embark on the journey of realizing their individual, places of courage, destiny, and power.

[00:00:48] This partnership can come from her speaking engagements, group coaching or individual coaching session. Her passion for helping women walk in purpose comes through our own personal journey without further ado Lakita Monley 

[00:01:04] La'Quita Monley: Hi, Greg, how are you?

[00:01:06] Greg Mills: I'm doing well. How about yourself?

[00:01:09] La'Quita Monley: I'm doing great. I can't complain. I can't complain. It's a, it's another beautiful day in the great state of Texas. So it's good.

[00:01:17] Greg Mills: Good deal. Now, can you take a few moments, Lakita and fill in the gaps from that intro and bring us up to speed with what's going on in your world today. 

[00:01:25] La'Quita Monley: Yes. Yes. So, and you know, intros and Biles are always really great tools to use. But if someone was to just ask me, tell me about yourself. I tell them something really, really, really short and to the point, the things that matter most to me is the fact that I am a proud military. That makes me a wife. I'm a mom of five, I'm a grandmother of five and my husband and I, a brand new empty nesters.

[00:01:55] And we're just really enjoying this phase of life, spalling our grandkids and having the opportunity, to do the wonderful things in ministry that the Lord has allowed us to do. Right now. So that kind of really just summarize who I am really like every, all of that other great stuff. As a John Maxwell speaker, coach, and facilitator, those are just the cherries on top of the cake.

[00:02:20] If you will, my life, as a wife and a mother. And now in this phase of life, as a grandmother, we're really the building blocks, that the Lord used to put together. That allows me to be, a great, John Maxwell certified speaker, coach and facilitator.

[00:02:37] Greg Mills: Okay now, thank you for your husband's service and your family sacrifice. I know that was not easy. 

[00:02:44] La'Quita Monley: Oh, you're most welcome. It wasn't easy. There was some very, very trying times across his career. He's retired now, praise God. He retired in 2017, but we're still very, very active and our military community. And so, after retirement, he took off one suit and put on a different type of suit and he's back at work, doing the things that he loves, which is, training and supporting, his fellow soldiers so that they can then, fulfill the missions that, that needs to be fulfilled in order to keep our great nation moving.

[00:03:16] Greg Mills: Okay, Now did either of you come from

[00:03:19] an entrepreneurial background, did anybody in your families have their own businesses? 

[00:03:24] La'Quita Monley: yes. So my husband's dad, was a contractor. he built homes, anything to do with building a home, demolishing a home, repairing remodeling my father-in-law. I did all of that. So my husband spent a lot of time working with his dad. And my husband's uncle, owned a few automotive repair shops in the small town where we're from.

[00:03:48] So that's all he knows is entrepreneurship. And for me, my mom's dad, my, paternal grandfather did the same thing. He was a contractor for as long as I can remember growing up. And so yeah, the desires. Create something out of nothing. If you will, to follow your passion and your dreams is something that is deeply rooted in our DNA.

[00:04:12] Greg Mills: Now, how did you and your husband meet where y'all high school sweethearts 

[00:04:16] La'Quita Monley: Yes we are.

[00:04:18] Greg Mills: That's awesome. 

[00:04:20] La'Quita Monley: Yes, we are. I met him. As a matter of fact, I was a freshman and he was a senior. when we first initially met him, funny thing is on that first initial encounter. I did not like that. He annoyed me. He's a persistent fellow. He's a persistent fellow here we are. We met in 1992, so that's all about 29 years ago.

[00:04:46] And the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful marriage of 25 years and coming up in next month, actually it's 24 years coming up in next month in February. We'll celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. 

[00:05:00] Greg Mills: well, congratulations. 

[00:05:02] La'Quita Monley: Thank you. Thank you. Thank 

[00:05:04] Greg Mills: So how did your, how does your coaching journey began?

[00:05:10] La'Quita Monley: So that great question. It began unintentionally actually very unintentionally. I know for a fact that, this is definitely God's purpose and plan for my life and. Like I said, I met my husband in high school, so we made a bad decision on an occasion. We became teenage parents.

[00:05:33] There was a social worker that the Lord placed in my life. That at that time we had no idea what coaching was, but she coached my husband and myself and coaching. My husband wasn't even a part of her job. She was a social worker that was assigned to me because I was a teenage. But looking at our strong family backgrounds and everything, she said to us one day that, failure is not an option for you guys.

[00:05:59] You made a mistake now I'm just going to help and guide you in making sure that those things will be a little tough. Now you can still accomplish the goals that you want to accomplish. It's just going to be a little bit more difficult, but I'm partnered with you. And she did just that. She partnered with us.

[00:06:17] From that moment. And for the next six years, she will continue to reach out to us and check on us and see our progress. And so at that moment I decided, okay, I want to do something in my life where I'm helping other people just like that. And so I went to university, become a social. But then in my sophomore year I realized, okay, I don't want to do it like this.

[00:06:39] There's too many restrictions, totally restrictions to me that does not actually allow them as social workers to be the biggest help that they want to be in their heart. So I went to looking for other things and then about that time in my life, it was about 25. And. My husband and I made the decision to take my walk with Christ a lot more seriously.

[00:07:01] And so I began to ask the question, well, what is my purpose? What am I called to do? And he showed me very clearly it's to help other women and inspire and motivate other women who are maybe walking through some of the challenges that you've walked through or we'll walk through. And so. I began to do that from a ministry perspective at church.

[00:07:24] And that kind of just blossomed into me being a John Maxwell, speaker, coach, and facilitator, years later, after having actively done that type of coaching, through the various different ministries that we've been blessed to be a part of, here within the states and as well as in Germany 

[00:07:43] and while in those places, we were able to be connected with some ministries there within Kenya. And it's just been a blessing. It wasn't, like I said, it wasn't intentional. It's kind of an accident, a life choice. The Lord use the life choice, to help put me on the path to do what he had. He had called me to do.

[00:08:01] The reason that I was born, this is the thing that I was born to do. And he let that one, what seems like a horrible decision. And he actually used it as the worst system worked it out for my good,

[00:08:12] Greg Mills: he often does. that. 

[00:08:14] La'Quita Monley: He does.

[00:08:15] He does.

[00:08:16] Greg Mills: Oftentimes you can't imagine how something could be used for his purposes. And then, years later you look back and, oh, That's what happened. 

[00:08:25] La'Quita Monley: what happened. Yeah. We talk about it from time to time? We like to share our story often. And

[00:08:31] When I found out that I was pregnant, There was a big family meeting right after church on Sunday, 

[00:08:37] Greg Mills: Oh, 

[00:08:38] La'Quita Monley: his family comes over and we're at my grandmother's house and the two families are there. Talking's like, okay, what are we going to do? None of that conversation on that day, everyone in that room could not have imagined the journey that the Lord had in store for these two young people who.

[00:08:58] I had made a bad decision. And so now, as families, what are we going to do? How are we going to support them through this? What things need to be done to support them through this? No one in though in that room at that time could have imagined including myself and my husband could not have imagined how the Lord was causing that decision to work out for her.

[00:09:20] Greg Mills: Now do you still keep in touch with that social worker that initially inspired you . 

[00:09:24] La'Quita Monley: I do. We'd lost contact for a number of years and as it would happen, my uncle is, an assistant pastor. He took over assistant pastor position at a church that's about 30 miles away from my hometown. And so we were home. I was home visiting, what to church with. On this particular Sunday, it was his Sunday to preach and the family came out to support.

[00:09:49] And after service, if we were fellowshipping, we're country people, I'm from Mississippi. There's no such thing as a church service without a good meal after the fact. So we're fellowshipping and I'm eating some of the best chicken and pod that I've had a long time. And I look up and there, she is like, oh my God, I hadn't seen her in probably 20 years at that.

[00:10:11] And he, or she is walking back, into my life. And so yes, at this point in my life, had you asked me that maybe three years ago, the answer would have been, no, I haven't talked to her in a long time, but today asking me that yes, we are in contact and she is such a.

[00:10:28] Greg Mills: Well, that's gotta be gratifying to her to, to see the changes that you have made and that you're helping other people and passing it forward. 

[00:10:38] La'Quita Monley: Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. That is something that we do talk about. When we do get to speak, in person, because I travel back to Mississippi often to spend time with family, and of course I'm going to church with my uncles so that I can see her. And that's the conversation that we have is like, the face that we sew into people's lives have no idea how important those seeds are.

[00:11:00] But we need to do it. We need to be in a position where our biggest desire is to add value to them.

[00:11:09] Greg Mills: You seem to have had a lot of financial education with regard to rich dad and finance.

[00:11:16] La'Quita Monley: Yes. 

[00:11:16] Greg Mills: How did you get into That What kind of prompted you there?

[00:11:22] La'Quita Monley: That prompted me

[00:11:26] where we are, , young parents, marriage was still fairly young in 2000 and we were stationed. My husband was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, up in Washington state. And we had, a lot of moth and not a lot of money. That was always a topic of conversation, what can we do to earn more money?

[00:11:49] Greg Mills: Very familiar with this concept. 

[00:11:51] La'Quita Monley: yeah. And we're a bit more traditional. My role as a stay at home, mom was one that we both took really seriously. My husband's mom was a stay at home. Mom. My mom is a stay at home mom. For as long as we can remember, as we got older, of course we saw our mothers go out of the house to work.

[00:12:08] That more traditional census, something that we're very passionate about. So what can we do to earn more money without, giving up our family values that we hold important. And this infomercial used to come on all the time to about, could do real estate with no money and no credit.

[00:12:24] You just need to learn how, and it wasn't. Robert Kiyosaki course, it was another course and we eventually were able to save up enough money and buy that course. And that started our journey into real estate. And the more that we learned about real estate, of course, I'm learning who Robert Kiyosaki was inevitable.

[00:12:47] And we. Began to just consume more of his books and teachings playing his cashflow game. And then eventually taking a course with with his company and learning how to be a real estate investors based off of his principles. And which is how we found out about the finance course, because there's a big difference between flipping a house human there, getting a rental property here and there as a ha.

[00:13:12] Versus becoming a full-time real estate investor as your business. And so, starting your business the right way and understanding how to start a business as a real estate investor was it was necessary. It's like a continual education piece that we have to do.

[00:13:29] Greg Mills: Okay. Now education I'm picking up is very, very important with you. Is. that a fair statement? 

[00:13:36] La'Quita Monley: It is a very fair statement. It is a very fair statement. I will say it with this. Education is very important to me, but the way that a person obtains education life has taught me that it is not a one recipe thing. Like every one recipe doesn't fit every person, each person. The way that they pursue education to do the thing that they've been called to do that they're passionate about can be very different for each person.

[00:14:05] And that, again was a lesson that we learned the hard way as we grew up, you go to work, you're going to go to high school. You go to college or you go to high school, you go to the military, you do something, but you're going to do one of those things in order to set yourself up for success.

[00:14:21] husband, because of our decision, we both had chosen college, but because we became teenage parents so quickly, he had to go to the second choice and he chose, okay, I'm going to go active duty and we'll pursue our colleges vacation while I'm on active duty because we're paying. We're parents . We have to raise a kid and we have to provide for this kid and give him the best life possible. So when our oldest son was ready to go to college, we were just in that one frame of mind and we were very unwilling to think outside of that. And my oldest son is a creative. I mean, he loves everything to do with the music and arts in it, and many different mediums.

[00:15:06] And so going to a traditional school was not what he wanted to do. And my husband and I were not trying to hear that. And so we almost crushed his spirit, because we've forced him to go to a traditional school, which at that point he just said, okay, I'm just. Pacify mom and dad, but then I'm going to change.

[00:15:23] And I'm going to go to the musical art Institute that I want to go to, which is what he did. And we later on figured out that, Hey, it's not bad. It's actually a good thing. And it's what he needed to thrive and bless himself. And he needs to grow in that and pursue that education for that. And that's what he did.

[00:15:42] Greg Mills: Our generation though it really wasn't an option so much. And I think parents were supposed to crush their kids' dreams. Sorry, mom. 

[00:15:56] La'Quita Monley: I think I can agree and I'll do likewise, sorry, mom. But she's going to hear this and say, why didn't you say that?

[00:16:03] Greg Mills: So what led you to pursue getting certified with both Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell?

[00:16:09] La'Quita Monley: Like we said it and our pre-conversation my husband and I were introduced to John Maxwell, as we grew, as leaders in ministry and, our Bishop LA's all things, John Maxwell, right? I mean, he is known for leadership. He is also a well known as a pastor. And so we use a lot of his materials in our leadership training.

[00:16:36] So anyway, the more that we grow, and pursue different things, it's like, okay, this is the logical next step. And so when I felt like, okay, the Lord is saying, these are some your gifts and talents where you can use them outside of the four walls of the church. I knew that I had to pursue education in this area in order for me to be the speaker, coach, and trainer that I wanted to be.

[00:17:05] Outside of the four walls of the church I needed to pursue education or certification, show that I'm qualified to do what it is that I say I'm qualified to do. For me, John Maxwell was just a no-brainer, going through his course, allowed me the opportunity to see how to strategically use.

[00:17:24] The biblical principles that I've been using for years to help people and, transform that into a way that can be used strategically to help organizations as well as individuals. And again, especially because my target audience, not that I don't culture speak or do things like that for men, but my target audience is women.

[00:17:47] As women, whether it's, I'm working with a woman owned business. One of my, one of my current clients locally is as a female owned real estate brokerage. And I'm able to help her team with sales, training, and communication training, and be able to use my biblical principles in a non offensive manner. If that makes sense, because I am a believer.

[00:18:14] also know that I'm a quick to help any individual or any company, if we were partnered together, whether or not that company or individual is a Christian. So, going through John's course really equipped me to be able to be the best version of myself for my clients' needs. 

[00:18:32] Now with Kim Blanchard, his courses and material. I was introduced to those through LinkedIn learning actually. 

[00:18:39] Greg Mills: Okay. Gotcha. 

[00:18:41] La'Quita Monley: yeah. Through LinkedIn learning. Ken's courses and especially with crosses on servant leadership. They're amazing. 

[00:18:46] I really believe that we have to make investments and to our personal development, as well as our professional develop. And whether that's taking a course, partnering with a coach, listening to great podcasts, like your podcasts, and reading books, oftentimes we won't be able to meet the individuals that we follow in person, but we can definitely partner with them through reading the materials that they've written or, listening to any podcasts or YouTube videos that they put out.

[00:19:18] Greg Mills: Yeah. So you've said that those who shift their minds transformed their lives and lead others into greatness. How can someone change their mindset? 

[00:19:30] La'Quita Monley: that's. That's awesome. So it's a process. It's not something that happens instantaneously. It's a process we have to want to change our minds. It's like, use for an example, 

[00:19:45] right now. Yeah. I'm learning to eat clean. And it's a journey for me. I had to first recognize the fact that my daily habits and what I'm eating, drinking, and not exercising enough was not good for this body that God gave me the. I had to change the way that I think about it. And so now, instead of just eating for the pleasure or the taste, I'm learning to eat the right fuel that I need to make my body operate as its maximum capacity.

[00:20:23] Have I always known that eating clean was a good thing. Yeah, but did I always care? No. So mindset, I had to shift the way that I thought about. And when I began to think differently, then that calls me to put things in place so that I could behave differently. And now I'm working on those two things together to develop into a new lifestyle that works for everything, not just eating the right foods.

[00:20:53] It comes, it works with shifting my associations as well. When I want to think differently, I have to position myself around people. Who are already thinking, being in, doing the way that I want to become. So it's a process. And before you know it, you'll see that you've changed your perception. You've changed your mindset and you'll be able to see that in your responses to different situations.

[00:21:21] You'll know, my thinking has definitely, changed because my life has began to change.

[00:21:29] Greg Mills: Somebody has to want to change first. And then from there, , go in and, associate with other people that can help them in research and then do the 

[00:21:42] La'Quita Monley: And do the work. Absolutely. You've got to want to change it and you've got to want to be willing to do the work. And you have to know that it's not a microwave. It's not instant. It won't happen. You'll say a liquid of, well, I've been doing this for three days and I didn't see anything different.

[00:21:59] Well, I mean, it's all been through. We celebrate those three days, because last week you didn't even do it for three days. So let's celebrate this three days of success unless you, for the fourth day, the fifth day, the six day, you know, so on and so forth. But as you want it, that shift will happen.

[00:22:18] It will happen. It will definitely happen. You just have to want it and be patient, and be intentional, very intentional.

[00:22:26] Greg Mills: So what do you think about fear and how it impacts us with regards to success? 

[00:22:32] La'Quita Monley: So I put fear in that category of what you just said, that just asks it's all in the way that we think about it. all in the way that we think about, if we're looking at fear, one of the definitions that people like to use as false evidence appearing real. Yeah. That could be a thing, but we can also look at fear.

[00:22:52] Uh, fuel or tool and our fight or flight response instead of fleeing less than fight. If this is something that is bringing me a great amount of, of stress or apprehension, that means I need to overcome it. And the only way that I can overcome it is to confront it and whatever that is that you're dealing with.

[00:23:15] Right. So a lot, a lot of times the, my client. Their fear is they're either dealing with imposter syndrome, or they just don't know who they are. And they're a fearful of making a mistake in their pursuit of trying to find out who they are. And I encouraged them to just drive hit on there's.

[00:23:38] If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. A mistake is not final. It's not bad. That one mistake that you make is not the determining factor to end the rest of your life. It's a tool, it's a tool. It's a building block. It's a resource that you can use when you get up, dust it off.

[00:23:55] When you're little, your mom said does get that baby, dust it off and try it again. That's what we're going to do. We're going to get up. We're going to dust ourselves off. We're going to take that lesson that we just learned and we're going to try it again. 

[00:24:05] Greg Mills: You think that as we got older, it'd be easier to get up and dust ourselves off. And sometimes I think it's just the opposite. 

[00:24:13] La'Quita Monley: Yeah. Yeah, because we have a lifetime of ingrained fears in us. We have a lifetime of restrictions , that have been bred into it. My granddaughter she's a year old and has absolutely no fear. She is fearless and it's amazing to watch her try new things. And, you know, granted she's one.

[00:24:36] So a lot of the stuff that she wants to try, isn't the safest her, but she keeps trying it and she'll get up and dust it off, , and take a little chubby hands and dust it off and, oh, and she'll try it. As adults because we've had so many of those are all moments subconsciously. We are walking around trying to prevent the old moment so much so that we oftentimes don't try the very thing that the Lord has said.

[00:25:08] When you do this, your next level of success, your next level of greatness, your next level of opportunity will begin to have. 

[00:25:18] Greg Mills: Yeah. I know that fear is a tool of the devil and that he uses it. And he's that little small voice that we hear. You're not good enough. Correct. They're not going to like you, you have no right to be podcasting

[00:25:33] and believe me, I hear those voices.

[00:25:36] How do you view the law of attraction with regard to Christianne?

[00:25:40] La'Quita Monley: I believe that the law of attraction is like many other things. The enemy can mimic everything, but well, as it relates to the things of God, he cannot mimic love. And so the law of attraction is another one of those things. So many I could think about so many, versus a scripture that Christians are taught.

[00:26:02] We're commanded to speak those things that are not as though. To speak things into existence, if there are things that are going on in our life that we don't want to, we can cast it out, speak to the mountain and shall be moved and cast into the seat. The key is we don't doubt. Right.

[00:26:19] And also, as I said, we, we are taught throughout the scripture to speak those things that are not as though they were, and we can see them manifest, in our life. So I believe that as a belief. I simply, I live by Joshua 1 8, 7, 3 9 in Psalms one verse one through three. I believe that it's through my obedience to God's word and because of the.

[00:26:46] Things that he's already predestined for my life. His promises are mine. They're yay. And amen. And my life that the Lord is going to provide everything that I have needed. He's going to provide the right people in my life that I need to be connected to. He's going to provide the right type of resources that I need in order to fulfill his will on the earth.

[00:27:05] So, I don't know. I don't necessarily say the law of attraction as it were, because a large majority of my clients are believers. We do talk about the necessity of living out biblical principles. so that the things that we believe in our heart, as the scripture have said, we can have them in this natural life. 

[00:27:27] Greg Mills: Okay. that makes better sense than some of the explanations that I've had. 

[00:27:34] La'Quita Monley: Yeah. So if we look at Joshua one seven through nine, we're given a commandment to be bold and very courageous. The first commandment we're given the world is all about living bold and just be you. Right? So the Lord tells us be bold and very courageous. The second thing he tells Joshua, he says, you know, do not let the book of this law depart from me.

[00:27:58] But your to meditate in it day and night, like when I'm, I'm bold and very courageous in the Lord, I'm meditating on his word. The other part of that is when we are meditating on his word, we observe to do all that is written. Nerian big way to say Outback. I'm steadying it. I believe it I'm obeying it. And when I'll bet.

[00:28:21] He said, then you will make your way prosperous and you will have the success. He didn't say the law was going to sprinkle manna from heaven. He told Joshua, study this word, obey this word. And you're a big audience. You'll have good success. Same thing with Psalms. He's very specific in songs because the law of attraction is all about attracting those things to you that you need and positioning yourself around the right people.

[00:28:50] Psalm says, don't take counsel from the ungodly. Don't stand in the way of centers. Don't sit in the seat of the scornful, but make your delight in the law of the Lord. And in his law, you meditate day and night, then, you should be like the tree that is planted by the rivers of living water, your leaves won't wither and whatsoever you do shall prosper.

[00:29:12] So I am picking the right associations, right? Studying his word day and night, I'm obeying his word. A tree that's planted by the river is going to bear fruit all the time because it's getting everything that it needs from the soil and the water and fire I'm planet. In that word, I'm getting everything that I need and I'm going to bear fruit.

[00:29:36] I'm going to keep reproducing more trees, just like me and people will be able to eat that fruit that I give them. And they'll be able to grow and prosper. If we obey, if we study the word and we obey, we can speak those things that are not as though they were in, is going to happen because of my faith and my obedience to God's word.

[00:30:00] Greg Mills: It may not happen in the time that we want, but it will happen. 

[00:30:04] La'Quita Monley: Exactly. It will happen. What happened? The other key to that is we will know what to ask. The scripture tells us, you know, the Lord will give us the desires of our heart when we ask him. But I'm one of the pieces that we have to remember is what we desire has to align up with God's will for our life. And we'll understand that when we're studying his word, when we're in right associations with the right people, that he's divinely connected us to we'll have that clearer understand. 

[00:30:39] Greg Mills: Now you had touched on this before in our pre-call. Can you define what a Proverbs 31 woman is and what that means to you?

[00:30:48] La'Quita Monley: So the 31 woman to me is the poster child for entrepreneur. She is the poster child for. This model of woman is used a lot in Christian than if I can say that like that, but I believe as men and as with. We use that a proper 31 woman, but we don't really fully grasp who she is. 

[00:31:19] Greg Mills: You're saying that when sometimes people say it, they're thinking that's the meek woman, little woman that stays home, she cooks, she may clean and that's all she does.

[00:31:30] La'Quita Monley: she cooked, she cleaned, she take care of the children, That is not what this system does at all. I mean, she does those things, but so much more. Yeah. The army used to have one of their mottos was, they do more by 9:00 AM than most people do all day.

[00:31:48] That's the Proverbs 31 woman. And the thing is because she is partnered with the man that God has designed for. That whole thing about Christians being chauvinistically this right here proves that a lie. It proves it an absolute lie because he is very supportive of her entrepreneurial endeavors so much so that he's getting the praises in the city gates and he loving it, like, yes, that's my way she did that.

[00:32:17] She bought that field. She chose that flex. She did that. All my service. They love. They love her. Cause she's doing wonderful things. My children love her. That's my wife. That's what he's doing. He's not somewhere, telling her to get somewhere and sit down and shut up. And you just I'm to go out and earn all the money.

[00:32:34] You just sit here and do what I tell you to do when you take care of these kids, that is not what's happening here at all. She is the definition of an entrepreneur. I'm reading this out of the NRV. Listen, my son. Listen front of my wound, listen to my son, the answer to our prayers do not spend your strength or women or your vigor toward Kings.

[00:32:58] So the king is talking to his son Hey, listen, let me tell you, let me explain to you the type of woman that you need in your life, and that'll help you weed out the ones that you don't need. Right. Wife of noble character who can find she's worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing.

[00:33:22] He lacks nothing of value. She brings him good and not harm all the days of her life. She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She is like the merchant ships bringing food from before. She gets up while it is still night and provides food for her family and portions for her female service.

[00:33:43] She's got servants. That's key. She's not poor they're well off. She provides and horses for a female service. She considers a field and she buys it. She's a real estate investor. He didn't consider the field. If I would just go by what this.

[00:34:04] He's still asleep or he's at the city gates. He's doing whatever it is that he's doing. And because he has full trust in her, he has access. She has access to the finances. His money, her money. And he just gives her an allowance or, her money is only the money that she's already is. None of that.

[00:34:22] They are working together as a team in unity, and she has access to the money that she needs, she sees the feeling, she buys it out of her earnings. She plants a vineyard. She sees the fields that this is going to be my next video.

[00:34:36] I'm planning the vineyard. She sets about her work vigorously. Her arms are strong for the task. She sees that her trading is profitable and her lamp does not go out at night. In her hand, she holds the Distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers. She opens her arms up to the poor and extends her hand to the needy.

[00:34:55] So she's doing volunteer work. She's a female entrepreneur. She's buying fields. She created a business she's growing up. As she has time for the meeting. I mean, this woman is the consummate woman and we have to understand just how valuable she is. Not just to her husband, but to her service, to her community.

[00:35:18] She's providing jobs because if she turned that field into a vineyard, now she's a local employee.

[00:35:25] It starts off by saying he trust in her, he has full confidence in that. And she's doing all of these wonderful things and blessing her whole house and her community. She's providing jobs to her community, from her resources that are coming in from our financial resources that are coming in, she's taking from that.

[00:35:45] And she's going out and she's feeding the knee. I mean, she's, you know, volunteer work with the needed is what, this is what the scripture is telling us. She sees that our trading is profitable and her lamp does not go out at night. In her hand, she holds with the staff and grants, the spindle with her fingers.

[00:36:01] She opens her arms up to the poor and extends our hand to the needy. When it snows, she has no fear for our household. For all of them are clothed in Scarlet. She makes coverings for her bed. She clothed in fine linen and purple. So ladies, just think about that in today's terminology, the best design of where you could feel.

[00:36:22] She got Shammy chew from head to toe. You name it. She has it on like the, the best designers, right? She has it on. So they are not poor. Her husband is respected at the city gate where he takes his seat among the elders of the land, I won't go through it all. I'll stop right there at about verse 23.

[00:36:42] And so for those that are, you know, are listening and you may not have heard of proper 30. Proverbs chapter 31, read the entirety of it and you can read it in the king, James, the new king James, the amplified, the nib doesn't really matter which version you read it in, but take the time and think that through very thoroughly, when you are a woman and you said, I want to be the proper 31 woman, you're saying you want to be a lot.

[00:37:11] Greg Mills: Yeah. And somehow we've allowed that message to get watered down and diluted as being chauvinistically.

[00:38:26] La'Quita Monley: Like she is amazing. If you're a man and you're saying, I want my wife to be the Proverbs 31 woman. But if you if both you, as the wife, as the woman and the man, and y'all have the wrong idea of what the proper 31 woman is, that can create a problem. So you need to find out who she really is.

[00:38:45] And she's great to aspire to be there. 

[00:38:48] Greg Mills: Amen. So switching gears just a little bit. You've got your own motivational podcast and blog called Lakita is toolbox. What prompted you to start that?

[00:38:59] La'Quita Monley: I do I do. So I want it to be able to give value to people for about two years. I co-hosted a live on Facebook called create your future self live with an amazing gentleman. His name is Victor . And we were all about giving value to, entrepreneurs with a specific emphasis on real estate investors.

[00:39:21] Cause he and his wife are real estate investors, as well as me and my husband as our businesses grow and prosper. Our schedules just got hectic. We cut it down from every Monday to once a month to eventually we had to just not be able to do it because of our schedules.

[00:39:37] And I want it look, we, this toolbox. That shop provided so much value to people. And we had so many amazing testimonies where people aspiring entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs were being able to take those tools and grow their businesses and step out on faith and, , eradicate fear in their life and push forward.

[00:39:59] And that's what I really want to do throughout my life. The Lord has always positioned people around us to provide us to. So that we can get to our expecting. And that's really what I want to do. I want to be able to provide tools to individuals, to help them get to their expecting him. And I hope and pray that liquid, his toolbox is one of those ways, that I'm able to provide tools to people, to help them achieve the greatness that they want to achieve. 

[00:40:27] Greg Mills: I can testify that like we just toolbox has some great guests on and some good lessons, so definitely check it out. Now you've got a course coming up with John Maxwell. I believe it's everyone communicates, but few connect.

[00:40:43] La'Quita Monley: Thank you. Thank you.

[00:40:45] I do.

[00:40:46] . Yes. So coming up, starting on Thursday, February the 24th at 7:00 PM central time standard time, I will be hosting a mastermind group and it's based off of John Maxwell's book. Everyone communicates in. Phew. During this mastermind group study, we'll learn and practice how to connect authentically and discover and unlock the five connecting principles that John gives us in his book.

[00:41:14] Everyone communicates. And if you connect, and as we're unlocking those five connecting principles, it leads us to a greater level of understanding how to best use these techniques to cultivate relationships. And so to develop great leaders. Communicating is one thing connecting with someone is something completely different.

[00:41:35] So, through these tools that are going to learn proper communication tools, as well as ways to connect with the person that you're speaking to, whether it's your ideal client, your spouse, your business partner, and communicating, connecting can be used in every area of our life. So, if people are interested.

[00:41:55] And they could go out to my social media and I w I have links out there and I can also provide you a link as well, where they can, just click on that link and register to be a part of the, of the mastermind and those that want to be a part of the mastermind group. There is a 90, $95 fee to be a part of the group.

[00:42:15] And in that we will go through this six week study together, as well as, I provide you with a personal development plan. And, two coaching calls, two 30 minute coaching calls, to help in, in the areas that you feel like, that you need to, have help. And we'll develop that personal development plan together.

[00:42:34] As we work through these six weeks of state.

[00:42:37] Greg Mills: Okay. Yeah, that'd be an incredible deal. and who doesn't need to better communicate there's times when, I say one thing and my wife or somebody else will hear something completely different. 

[00:42:51] La'Quita Monley: Completely different. Yeah. And we'll unpack a lot because your communication style has a lot to do with your personality type as well. And so the goal there across those six weeks is to identify each student's personality type and based on your personality type, also just give you a little tools and tips on how to communicate effectively with the other personality types, and, and foster that connection, understanding how to properly communicate with others.

[00:43:23] Fosters that connection. And then we want that connection because when we feel connected, that builds the know like, and trust factor, and you want people to know you, you want them to like you, you want them to trust you, especially as entrepreneurs and as business owners, we want to build that type of relationship with our clients and what our potential. 

[00:43:45] Greg Mills: Okay, we're coming close up to an hour, so I feel like I probably need to be respectful of your time and get ready to wrap this up. Is there anything I haven't asked about that you'd like to talk about or add.

[00:43:59] La'Quita Monley: No, actually, this has been an amazing interview. We've talked about a number of different things are great topics. I believe that by the time your listener listens to this episode, they'll have a better understanding of who I am, what I do, but most importantly, I hope and pray that they're able to leave the episode with a tool that can help them personally, as well as professors. 

[00:44:20] Greg Mills: Okay. What's the number one piece of advice that you can give for our listeners.

[00:44:25] La'Quita Monley: No, who you are? No. Who you are when we know who we are and whose we are, we won't be deceived by, fake. Like you won't be deceived by that. Like the Raven likes the shiny things. You won't be deceived by that when you know who you are and who's, you. You understand purpose, and you are able to pursue purpose with a passion and phony things.

[00:44:51] Distractions from the enemy. Won't hinder you, your recognize them move right past themselves, know who you are and whose you are that allows you to understand your purpose. And you're able to pursue your purpose with a passion, 

[00:45:04] Greg Mills: Now what's the best way for people to check you out and get in touch with you again.

[00:45:08] La'Quita Monley: the best way for people to check me out and get in touch with me. , Either on my website, as well as all my social media. If they, if you Google Laquita, mumbling, L a Q U I T a last name M O N L E Y. All things acquitted, mildly will pop up. Feel free to go out to my website. Fill out the contact us form, and I will contact you back as soon as possible.

[00:45:33] If you're on any of my social media platforms, if you private message me, I am the one that's responding to those private messages. I will respond to you as well. So either way they can reach out to me through my website as well as on social media. 

[00:45:47] Greg Mills: All right, that's a wrap. Thank you. Laquita for being a guest on entrepreneurs.

[00:45:51] La'Quita Monley: awesome. Thank you so much for having me, Greg. This has been a great experience