Feb. 14, 2022

Ep40 - Dr. Hank Talks Mindset

Ep40 - Dr. Hank Talks Mindset

Episode Forty Features Dr Hank Seitz Talking About Our Mindset And How It Affects Us.
My Key Takeaways:
Dr Hank Seitz was another interesting and charismatic guest who talked about the power of the mind.
In this episode Dr. Hank shares:
That in addition ...

Episode Forty Features Dr Hank Seitz Talking About Our Mindset And How It Affects Us. My Key Takeaways:

Dr Hank Seitz was another interesting and charismatic guest who talked about the power of the mind.

In this episode Dr. Hank shares:

That in addition to being a neural Scientist and author that he is an ordained minister as well.

That we typically have 60,000 thoughts per day and that around 80% of them are unwanted or considered negative thoughts.

Our thoughts truly do become things.

Neural Scientists claim that thoughts turn in to emotion which equals energy.  That energy then creates matter.  Hence thoughts become things.

His view that Christ's teaching "the meek shall inherit the Earth" means for us to quiet our minds and allow God to give us the solutions that we need.

He likens the endless negative self talk to that of a Drunken Monkey.

Dr Hank offered to share his 'The Joy Shop' teaching for free if you will simply email him at DrHank@drhank.biz and ask for it.

That he participated in a study at a hospital where they improved the lives of cancer patients by praying for them versus those who didn't receive prayers in the control group. 

One of the easy ways to get more of what you want is to ask what do I want to increase my imagination?

Einstein said, You can not get an answer at the same energy that the problem occurred.  You have to shift your focus to answers and solutions.

Don't think about anything that you can't control. All of us have the power to control the inner world.  What the Bible calls the kingdom within us.

To learn more about Dr Hank, his website is Dr Hank’s Success & Happiness Coaching|Helping Real Estate Agents & Brokers (drhankseitz.com). He can be found on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and most Social Media as well.  You can also call him at (214) 753-7204.    Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.

Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes.


[00:00:00] Greg Mills: Our guest today was involved in a car accident five years ago that left him paralyzed from the waist down fast forward to today. And he's a walking miracle. His primary focus is to help others with their mind, body, and spirit and give back to the deliberate co-creators that we all can be in the past. [00:00:20] Greg Mills: He had worked as a GM for Proctor and gamble. For 15 years, he's owned a mortgage company and real estate brokers. He has been the CEO of an oil company in Guatemala and the president of Jana king. He's obtained a bachelor's degree in business master's degree in psychology and PhD in mental science, all from the university of Wisconsin, Madison. [00:00:43] Greg Mills: He is also an author of 15 books available on Amazon, as well as an ordained minister. He was happily married with three sons and five grandkids. Without further ado. Let me introduce you to Dr. Hank sites. [00:00:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: Well, hello, and thank you so much, Greg. I just love your podcast and what you're doing here. And you know, your main focus with entrepreneurs over 40. So you guys are going to love this. It's going to help you increase your business, add more income and just feel better all together. So thanks for having me on this.  [00:01:17] Greg Mills: Well, thank you for being here, Dr. Hank, uh, can you take a few moments and fill in the gaps from that intro and bring us up to speed with what's going on in your world. [00:01:27] Dr. Hank Seitz: sure you bet that, uh, I, uh, actually one of my books is called the happiest man in the world and it basically explained that I was living like, uh, all of us have, we've been up and down and up and down based on what's happening in our world. [00:01:44] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so if, uh, again, I'll talk more the entrepreneur language that if we get a deal where real high, we lose a deal where real low. [00:01:54] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so it's kind of a roller coaster, and I've been blessed to understand how to get off that roller coaster and get on a train to everything that we do want and to. It literally be able to realize our dreams. So I have helped thousands of people around the world, hundreds of corporations, mainly fortune 100 companies to understand on how powerful our thoughts are and how thoughts become things.  [00:02:23] Greg Mills: Okay, well, let's talk about that some then. [00:02:26] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah, yeah. You back. We also, I, you know, we've probably all heard thoughts, become things, and most of us say that's not true. You know, I've been asking for more business or whatever, more money, more in com. Uh, a relationship, you know, whatever I've been asking and I'm not getting my stuff. And so normally most of us are in a position of where is my stuff and actually will slow all of us down. [00:02:56] Dr. Hank Seitz: So what I've been teaching. 30 years and wood science, all of science, quantum physicists, molecular biologists, that I'm a big all neuron scientists that they've all agreed. Now again, just within the last five years on how to create anything in our lives. And according to the scientists, they say that the first step to create anything is, uh, with our thoughts. [00:03:24] Dr. Hank Seitz: It's our all powerful thought. So we have 60,000 thoughts a day, Greg, and out of those 60,000 thoughts about 80% of those thoughts are unwanted or what most people would call negative thoughts. And then beyond that, 95% are the, of the thoughts that we have are the same thoughts that we have. Before, which means we get the same tomorrow because our, our thoughts truly do create things. [00:03:59] Dr. Hank Seitz: So according to him, what I do is I help people to be able to think more about what they want and stop putting so much energy into what you're seeing right now. And we'll get into that later. But back to the scientists they say are. Create energy and this energy to all of us, really what that is is it's our emotions and our emotions really do the creating. [00:04:27] Dr. Hank Seitz: We do the asking ask, and you shall receive what we do. The asking those thoughts, turn into emotion, which the scientists call energies. So in essence, our thoughts are energy. And then according to the scientists at that, That energy then creates matter. M a T T E R. And this is why thoughts become things. [00:04:52] Dr. Hank Seitz: Now what the scientists left out is how does our it, our higher power, uh, how does our higher power play into all of this? And really that's where that we ask the father dose, the war. And then we receive. And so for us to let go a Christ, put it, the meek shall inherit the earth. And I never understood that. [00:05:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: I thought like, who wants to be me? Who has to be a little wet, but actually what that means to be me is to be quiet and to quiet our minds and in the silence. then. [00:05:33] Dr. Hank Seitz: our higher power will literally give us all the answers and solutions that we need and make us a maintenance to attract everything that we.  [00:05:44] Greg Mills: Okay. So w how come this is not being taught in schools  [00:05:49] Dr. Hank Seitz: all right. You're great question. I love your question, Greg, because yeah, why aren't, uh, people because, uh, what I call it as mass consciousness, if you will. And so what they do is they say, Hey, we're going to, in essence, we're going to teach you how to manipulate the world to get what you want. So we have been brought up to believe that we're, we're looking at right now in our lives, our businesses, a good enough relationship. [00:06:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: We just got into an argument, whatever those things are that we look at that. And we said, well, this is real. But Greg, I just shared with you where it all starts is our thoughts. So really what we're looking at right now, the what is our current experience that it's really old news and that it is our thoughts. [00:06:43] Dr. Hank Seitz: And when we improve our thing, And think more about what we desire, but what we want more positively, if you will, that we will get it. So, uh, that's why in these institutions, um, you know, the schools and undergraduate and graduate and colleges that, um, they are teaching, Hey, here's how to manipulate, understand the world, but we all know this is an inside job. [00:07:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so it's the kingdom within us. In fact, one of my books is called your Royal path to riches. And this is talking about how to be able to. Properly in order to get the things that you want. And also the amazing subconscious mind. And again, a lot of these things. So it kind of answering more of your question, you know, when Napoleon hill, uh, came out of now, 30 and wrote, think and grow rich than like, this was like way over the top. [00:07:51] Dr. Hank Seitz: How can I, and he talked about his angels and creating this board committee in his mind of all these people that were successful. And I, and in fact, that's really the start of where boards of corporations came from, et cetera, because when we put our minds together, we can create so much. So thus, this really my teaching is. [00:08:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: Uh, it really wasn't even exposed to the world less than a hundred years ago, which is just a drop in the bucket compared to all of time. But more and more people are realizing that we actually are the co-creators of our experience. And each one of us create our experience and we do so with our thoughts, with our feelings. [00:08:36] Dr. Hank Seitz: And then again, the father does the work and then the only other thing we need to. Is allowed in. We usually are stopping the things that we desire that we are stopping now. And, uh, because we don't allow. Uh, the answers, but he goes, we're too busy, chattering away in what I call the drunken monkey. And the drunken monkey is this, um, the little chattering that we have in our, in our minds. [00:09:12] Dr. Hank Seitz: And, uh, so imagine that, uh, you know, it's the thing that keeps you up. It's a thing that says, Hey, I got to do this. I got to work hard. Why didn't you do that? You know, the person that bad miles, uh, any of us more than anybody is our own selves. And so we don't allow, I call it a, but we don't allow. We don't believe and we don't expect, and this has a lot to do with our upbringing. [00:09:39] Dr. Hank Seitz: Um, we were told as children, uh, children should be seen and not heard. Uh, so we were told to basically shut up, okay. Ambiance that made our parents or whoever feel better. Uh, but there's also some other phenomenal things that happened such as just our thinking about money that, uh, the root of all. And as you mentioned in your, a wonderful intro, that I'm an ordained minister. [00:10:07] Dr. Hank Seitz: And the reason why I went to four years of seminary school is to understand this God thing, if you will. And, uh, one of the things I understood is that paragraph about money is the root of all evil. Money is the root of all evil. Actually, what it was saying in there is to put God know that God brings everything to you first. [00:10:29] Dr. Hank Seitz: So everything comes from God and, um, and the, the money bills in price time that a wealth was one way to measure wealth was with sheep. Well, certainly if I got a sheep under my arm at sheep, as. [00:10:42] Dr. Hank Seitz: in the root of all. And so we've had a lot of upper of things such as don't talk to strangers. Do you know? [00:10:53] Dr. Hank Seitz: Great. The number one fear in America is public speaking over and above. And the reason why is because we have all been conditioned. You don't talk to strangers what they're going to give us candy. But of course our parents, they meant well, but you know, it really wasn't very well for our wellbeing. And so we were brought up with this notion that, oh, you got to watch out for strangers. [00:11:17] Dr. Hank Seitz: They're really bad. And so that if we think about. Every new client we get, uh, our spouse was a stranger, you know, it's like, never know that really everybody was a stranger initially. And so this is where we really need to understand that a lot of our beliefs don't serve us anymore. And like, when we were told at five years old, although filthy rich, and we said to ourselves, I don't want to be filled. [00:11:45] Dr. Hank Seitz: They, so that. I'm not going to be rich and really money just equals freedom. So this teaching, uh, even though it's more and more out there, it really is just, uh, they, that even back in the 1930s, they were calling it new thought, whatever. So this is so new compared to. The lifespan of humanity, if you will, this is really new information, but it's becoming more and more well-known uh, for example, a movie, the secret, uh, came, uh, but you're exactly right. [00:12:19] Dr. Hank Seitz: None of the things that, um, I teach, uh, are in any school and we're not brought up with this and that's why people can literally. Instantly turn around their lives just by simply controlling and managing how you think and also how you feel.  [00:12:41] Greg Mills: Yeah. Now, can you give us an understanding of how to, how to do that? [00:12:47] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. Yeah. [00:12:48] Dr. Hank Seitz: sure. You bet. So, um, and again, I, you know, I. I have a lot of different roles, business roles, whatever. But my soul's passion is to help myself and others become our greatest possibility. And so to really get into on, um, you know, how do I change my thing? How do I improve my thinking and what I have created? [00:13:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: And I've been, uh, I channel with divine intelligence. And so I just get these answers and solutions because I'm asking. For them. And so I literally have this whole teaching on how life plays and how to have life play more on your behalf. One of the things I have Greg, that I think everybody would love is what's called the joy shop and it's normally available just with my. [00:13:36] Dr. Hank Seitz: But, uh, for you and for your listeners, if you just email me and it's real easy by email it's D R Hank at D R hang. So Dyker Hank at Dr. hank.biz B I Z. And if you email me, I'll send you this joy shop and what the joy shop every day just takes about 15 minutes every day in the morning. But what it does is it helps. [00:14:03] Dr. Hank Seitz: To put you in a better mood, if you will, as I call it, raise your vibration. And then you start writing down things like what you desire. And you're going to be more and more clear about what you really do want. Uh, I'll give you an example of that just yesterday. I was with. I was coaching one of my mentees and, uh, they are all over wanting to have more money and they want to make $3,000 a day. [00:14:36] Dr. Hank Seitz: Okay. And they're just pushing, pushing, pushing, and the reason why we do anything or desire, anything is because we think we're going to feel better at that. On, you know, having more money or whatever. In his case, he felt that if he had that much money, he would really feel good. He didn't realize it was just about feeling good. [00:14:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: He'd just thought, oh, all that money every day. And you could live the life that he wanted. So I asked him, share with me just one thing. And I'd like all of us to think about this. Share with me just one thing. Then really recently that really made your heart sing that you just loved. And so he shared with me on how he actually BNCs with coaching with me for a while that he, um, was let go of his job and he actually saw the blessing. [00:15:32] Dr. Hank Seitz: Because he felt more free than he ever had. So the first one was that he was able to feel this freedom is he wasn't under this, you know, 40 hours a week and a boss and you know, all of that stuff. And so that I asked him, give me a second one that, that you want that really, you know, you love. And, and this is for your whole life to think about your whole life. [00:15:55] Dr. Hank Seitz: What made you. Feel the best. And he said, oh, I remember when I was younger, my mother would make it, she called it a salad, but it had noodles and different meat and whatever in it. But she said, my mother had the salad. I couldn't wait for the salad. It's the most delicious meal. And I just loved it. And we had around holidays and he got so excited and then I stopped him and I said, you know, I asked you what made you feel? [00:16:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: Abbess and you never brought up. But see you think that this money is going to bring it really? You just need to make that salad. Your mom's okay. Uh, that you just need to ask. And it's this idea about, well, we have a challenge. Let's ask. And who are you asking your higher power and ask for guidance, ask for support. [00:16:45] Dr. Hank Seitz: And you will literally be given the thoughts to be able to have what you desire, experience that. Um, but it'll also make you a magnet to attracting the people in the circumstances and events for the things that you want. And again, I've worked with fortune 150. Is that they've all just had amazing results that I've helped people overcome cancer. [00:17:08] Dr. Hank Seitz: I have, I, my PhD was at Moffitt cancer center. I'm looking at two wings and one wing. We actually thought, and we could use even the word prayer, if you will. We prayed for one wing for their health and their wellbeing and the other way. Uh, think about them. We didn't include them in our thoughts at all. [00:17:28] Dr. Hank Seitz: And statistically, they were all, uh, very at the same stage level of cancer and the ones we actually prayed for and thought about and thought about what we wanted for them, health and wellbeing. They statistically significantly increase their health. So that's how powerful our thoughts are that. Not only can we. [00:17:51] Dr. Hank Seitz: Improve our lives, but we can improve the lives of others as well.  [00:17:56] Greg Mills: Now on a quantum level, do you understand how that works? [00:18:00] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. Yeah, sure. You bet, you know, on a quantum level. So when you look at quantum physicists and, and molecular biologists and, uh, neuroscientists, that, that all, everything is. And so, um, you don't, don't take my word for it. Again, this has been proven by science. Now what I'm sharing with, you just put in a different perspective, personalized for you and for all of us that, Hey, we can do this too, and we can have it the way that we wanted. [00:18:34] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so the. Uh, so the main point on all the quantum, you know, these different, uh, disciplines of science, that what it's all about, which I Enstein stated as well, is that everything is. The whole universe is energy. Our thought is in essence energy and that energy, our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions. [00:19:03] Dr. Hank Seitz: If you think about a topic for about a minute, that our emotions from our thoughts create emotions and then. That energy, those emotions, that then is like a signal being sent out to your higher power saying here is what I want with no judgment. So if you're thinking about, I, I am, uh, coaching a, uh, a mentee in, uh, around the world. [00:19:29] Dr. Hank Seitz: I coach with people and one is in, uh, Israel and, um, and she is a real estate investor. And. Gosh, let's say six months, she's doubled her, uh, portfolio. Uh, she also, um, has, uh, Ms and multiple sclerosis, and I helped her to realize, you know, doctors just called this. It's just dis-ease. And as you become easier, you'll be able to create the things that you do want. [00:19:58] Dr. Hank Seitz: So she emailed me though Saturday and said, you know, your. Everything works. Absolutely. But not this one time. And I smiled because I thought on that this one time, what is this one time that you're not getting? And she said, well, I was telling myself and everybody else that I'm not going to get COVID. There it is that the answer was right there. She was thinking about COVID even though before the sentence it was before that word, it was, I don't want that. What your higher power recognizes is the emotion that you're emitting and she was mad. The emotion. Of COVID-19, which is sickness and illness. And of course she got it. [00:20:48] Dr. Hank Seitz: So I told her, this works perfectly. You got what you asked for whether you want it or not. And so you have to watch out about what you're asking for. And so like, Uh, on, on again, a good example is money. And for us entrepreneurs that, and I'm independently wealthy. And I get this way through this teaching, what I'm sharing with you, and it's real easy and simple. [00:21:12] Dr. Hank Seitz: So you don't have to go through, you know, spend weeks on this or anything. They're just every morning for about 15 minutes and then pay more attention to your feelings. You don't even have to bond under your thoughts. It's within my. So because my thoughts create that feeling. And if I feel bad, it means I'm not thinking about this situation, this subject properly in the way that I wanted. [00:21:37] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so that's why it's also important to want to feel good because when we feel good, it means you're on your lighted.  [00:21:48] Greg Mills: Okay. Now, what are some of the tools that you use to, to do this? Are we talking about affirmations hypnosis or some combination thereof [00:21:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: yeah, that's a great, so, um, for example, the joy shop that I'm giving to you, and you're a wonderful audience, all you guys out there love you that, um, that the joy shop, it's a way to improve your thing. Um, another technique that I use is, so we have to understand that this world really is amazing. [00:22:22] Dr. Hank Seitz: This mother earth has everything we want. And everything we don't want in it. And it's for us to choose whether or not we're going to focus is whatever. I focus my attention on grows and it's up to us to choose and what we want, not what's in our life, going on right now with the mound of money in our bank account is or whatever, what it is is about. [00:22:48] Dr. Hank Seitz: I desire what will be. And when I'm thinking about what I want, that I will start getting more of what I want. Now, all of us, no matter how much money you are, no matter how smart you are educated, you know, blah, blah, blah, that all of us are going to always experience some level of contrast things we don't want. [00:23:10] Dr. Hank Seitz: And the reason why is if we didn't have this contrast, we couldn't. The thoughts and the feelings of a better future for us, we would just all be. And we take the eternity out of all of us, our desires. Each one of you are so vitally important to all of humanity, to God, all that is to the universe. You are. [00:23:37] Dr. Hank Seitz: Because your desires, your all important desires, literally take thought beyond where it's been before. Take feelings beyond where it's been before, and you literally put the eternity into you. We all have eternal life into you. And all that is. And for us to really embrace this understanding and knowing that this contrast, we're all always going to have now and answered your question as far as another tool that it is. [00:24:10] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so I'm going to actually give it to you. And I would recommend that you write this down and start exercising this if you will. And that is when you brush up against contrast, I had a. And entrepreneur that I was working with this morning. She, uh, I've just worked with her. This is her second month. And she had the biggest month she ever had. [00:24:32] Dr. Hank Seitz: And this is always what happens because literally we can create it when we stop shooting ourselves in the foot, if you will, and saying, oh, I can't have that. or. [00:24:41] Dr. Hank Seitz: I can't do that, et cetera. But today, She said, oh man, I'm so upset. And I go, why, you know, be as upset. We'll just bring you more upset and why do you have them? [00:24:54] Dr. Hank Seitz: She said, well, um, this afternoon I don't have any leads to call. And I went, oh, that's such a blessing. And she's went what? And I said, yeah, it's because now, and so what the technique is, you simply say, This is what I don't want in her case. This was the leads. Okay. This is that lack of leads. This is what I don't want. [00:25:23] Dr. Hank Seitz: And now you ask and you ask at your asking your higher power. What do I want? And so, again, the write down those two things. This is what I don't want. And then to ask, what do I do? And you will start getting answers like, wow, I want more easy affordable leads. I want leads to be able to, um, uh, uh, that, that are, are great leads, wonderful prospects that, um, that, that turned into, uh, customers. [00:25:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so she started on this rampage of the thinking, but oh yeah. And I want to grow my. And so actually this is a blessing because I wouldn't have been building the energy on more of what I want. If I wouldn't have had the contract.  [00:26:14] Greg Mills: Now, you talk about new thoughts, bringing new opportunities. Can you go over that a little bit? [00:26:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: sure, sure. And one of the easy ways to, um, to get more of what you want is first of all, to ask and ask what I want to increase my imagination. I'd like to looking at, I call our imagination. God's playground, whatever you can imagine, God can fulfill for you and you just need to ask for it. And the father will do the work. [00:26:48] Dr. Hank Seitz: And then you, after you ask in the thinking. That again, you need to do this a being allowing, believing, and expecting. And so when we're in that mode of, um, uh, being receptive that we can actually, um, event receive the things that that we want. So to, to ask to expand your imagination, but the second thing, and really the most important thing, if you can start asking for answers and solutions that we are so used to. Thinking about, oh, I'm lost the deal or I don't have enough money, whatever. And as Einstein, again said, you can not get an answer solution at the same energy that the problem, the issue of the unwanted, uh, occurrence. [00:27:45] Dr. Hank Seitz: You have to shift your focus to answers and solutions. And when you do that, you'll start getting literally planted seeds in your mind, a new answers, new solutions to be able to have the life that you want.  [00:28:04] Greg Mills: Okay. Now I'd probably be a good example of this. You can ask me, so what do you want to do? And I'll, I'm like blank. So I perhaps I need to be doing, you know what you're talking about, asking for guidance with my imagination. [00:28:23] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. Yeah. It's to ask so to ask what do I desire? Because, you know, in my example, earlier on, uh, the one person that said, oh, I just desire money, money, money. Well, you didn't even bring it up as one of the top things that made you happy and believe me, I speak happy. The prize of all of this. It's for us to experience joy. [00:28:51] Dr. Hank Seitz: And the second thing is for us to experience freedom. And so when you look at, oh Yeah. [00:28:58] Dr. Hank Seitz: I, so you could just simply ask for, show me the way, and that's another beautiful sentence to say, show me the way giving the answers. What do I desire? And if you will breathe deeply about five seconds in five seconds out, and you do that for about a minute, about six deep breaths that you literally be connected with your higher power. [00:29:25] Dr. Hank Seitz: And all of a sudden the answers will start coming. They may come more, right. They may come tomorrow when you open up the car door, that all of a sudden when you're in a nonresistant state, in other words, when you're ready to allow these thoughts in and the answers and the solutions, I guarantee you, they will come gray.  [00:29:46] Greg Mills: Okay. Now, you probably know , gospel means good news. And if you turn on the TV or the radio or look on the internet, there's not a lot of good news. There's some, but not a lot. Do you recommend that we go on a news diet [00:30:04] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. Well, that's a great question. And let me share with everybody that, uh, for example, the news media and on TV, they literally spend millions of dollars looking for the bad in this world. Well, I already shared with you everything. We don't want the bad, if you will, is in this world and everything we do want, if you're watching news, you're going to be surrounded by. [00:30:28] Dr. Hank Seitz: COVID was just a heaven for me. All kinds of prayers were answered. You know, my wife would always say, gosh, I wish there weren't so much traffic. Well, guess what? There wasn't any traffic. Gee, I wish it wouldn't be such long lines at the restaurant. Guess what the lines went away. So what I did is I looked for the want it, and when you look for the, want it on what you desire when you. [00:30:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: You shall find it when you knock on the door, the door shall be open. And so for us to be able to recognize what are you looking. Typically when people are watching the news, which the majority of it it's at least this 80% on wanted like mass consciousness. Like most people are thinking that, no wonder why they're not very happy. [00:31:22] Dr. Hank Seitz: And then the TV news reinforces all this and gets you thinking more of this. And it talks about things that we can control. And there is another great thing to recognize. Don't think about anything that you can't control. I can't control COVID who's the president, whatever that, uh, you know, I could vote or whatever, but I can't control any of that, but I don't need to, and we can all stop the. [00:31:55] Dr. Hank Seitz: The only battle there is, is the battle you made up. And so stop the battle, stop the sacrifice, stop the working hour, and instead allow the father to do the work. Start asking to look for what you desire. So if I can control it, what can I control? And all of us have the power to control the inner world. [00:32:22] Dr. Hank Seitz: What the Bible calls the kingdom within us, and we can control that. And when you control. Manage that effectively, like I'm sharing. Like I do to help people that when you manage that, in fact, I have a new, um, uh, product coming. I'll call easy money, easy life. And, uh, normally it's, uh, 2 97, just $297. And I'm going to offer your audience for $97. [00:32:49] Dr. Hank Seitz: You just asked for, and that product it's literally will increase your income. It'll make you happier. It's just amazing. It's basically my. Teaching condensed in oh three, um, videos, uh, a book. In fact, your Royal path to riches will be in there. Um, uh, meditation's will be in there. So all the tools that you need, the joy shop and everything, and he, and I have an offer $97 and it will change your life and you can order it by Dr. [00:33:19] Dr. Hank Seitz: A Dr. Hank, that biz and say, I want an easy. He is in life and that you will be given that. And, uh, so, um, so yes, turn off the TV other than turn on things that. Are inspiring, uplifting maybe for you. It's the Olympics, not the politics of the Olympics, but to see those skaters skate and just the amazing physical ability and they just continue to get better and better just. [00:33:51] Dr. Hank Seitz: The world has continued to get better and better. A hundred years ago, there was way more poverty under years ago. There weren't, you know, things as cars and jets and, you know, I mean, there's so many things that are better. We have toilets, we have running water, we have phones and it's all library. There's so many. [00:34:12] Dr. Hank Seitz: That's going our way, but if you think and watch the news or whatever, so expose yourself to those things that you enjoy, that you like, that uplift you, that you laugh at. So my recommendation on, if you're in a real big problem, that just happened. Go watch the funniest movie at cat.  [00:34:35] Greg Mills: What would your funniest movie be? [00:34:37] Dr. Hank Seitz: Well, I love Christmas vacation. With Chevy chase. And I just love that. And, uh, and I watched that several times during the year and it just makes me laugh on just, you know, all the little things that are in there and his son, you know, now wanting to help and use walking away and saying, oh, sorry, I got homework. [00:34:58] Dr. Hank Seitz: I got bills to pay, you know, the kids at eight years old or whatever. And it's just a way to laugh and, and to enjoy an apple is really. With some great, uh, um, uh, uh, humorous comedies that you know are enjoyable. And so, and, but again, you can take a water. Even go out in nature, get up breath of fresh air. [00:35:25] Dr. Hank Seitz: All of those things. You don't need money for any of this that you can start enjoying your life more. You can be on your lighted golden path as you care most about how you feel. And then think more about what you desire and you literally will be led to those movies. You will be led to how to get leads and by the way, in that discussion about no leads. [00:35:53] Dr. Hank Seitz: And then we recognize it was a blessing in that discussion. We found a way it was always there. See everything's right under our nose, but we found a way for her to get more leads, better quality. And that costs. And so it's like, if you're saying yourself, well, that can't be possible, then your right. Not for you, but it was for her. [00:36:18] Dr. Hank Seitz: And she was just ecstatic. And so this bunch you'll build their business even more and every month thereafter, because see, she has been on the watch and side asking for answers and solutions. And as we do that, that you will be? [00:36:33] Dr. Hank Seitz: amazed, the magic will start happening. Uh, but it's important to bring. To relax, nothing tense. [00:36:41] Dr. Hank Seitz: When you tense up, when you have fear, when, um, you, um, uh, Um, not clear, don't have clarity that all of those, but you can have clarity. It's simply ask. I want clarity of what I desire or whatever that as you start doing these things, it start getting into the flow of life because we each have our own separate flow. [00:37:04] Dr. Hank Seitz: And as you breathe deeply, as you think, good feeling thoughts, I have a book called. Good feeling thoughts and it's seven good and thoughts every day. And it's changed people's lives significantly. I had an entrepreneur that had the biggest opportunity and got on a radio station, a TV station, all because she just was asking for, give me more opportunities to build my business and out of the blue. [00:37:27] Dr. Hank Seitz: And next thing she knows. I don't know, at least quadrupled her business because of that exposure that she attracted, because she didn't say I want to be on radio TV. She just said, Hey, I want to build my business. I want to share my talents. I want to be able to serve more people, make more money. And that. [00:37:47] Dr. Hank Seitz: She was delivered all of a sudden he's out of the blue things. I came being interviewed on the radio TV, but you have to expect that you have to believe it. You, you have to allow the goodness of this life to flow into you.  [00:38:01] Greg Mills: Okay, that brings up an interesting point. How do you counsel somebody that they've been a little bit defeated. They've kind of given into that inner voice where, you know, you're not good enough.  [00:38:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. Yeah. And that inner voice, just to be clear, there's two voices. One is your higher power. The other one is what you were referring to that when I called drunk and monkey visits, really just hilarious, comical on what it comes up with and puts the end to all kinds of things. And you got mad, angry, upset, fearful, and everything. [00:38:34] Dr. Hank Seitz: None of that stuff happens. It's like, oh my gosh, I just have to do it. But yes, I help people all the time, whether it's, you know, with our health, they want to build their, their business, you know, whatever. And so, again, remember everything's real easy and all of our power rests in this red hot moment right now. [00:38:54] Dr. Hank Seitz: And so if I'm thinking more about gee, I just want to feel good that literally. You will start feeling better and you'll start getting those answers and solutions and whatever was bothering you. Now, there are some things that bother people so much. They just can't get away from it. And then I, my counsel is, think about something. [00:39:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: That you enjoy that you love, think about your first child being bored, thinking about your mother's salad. You know, whenever that is to be able to raise your vibration. And when I say raise your vibration, remember everything is energy. And we have been blessed with the power, with the power of our thoughts, to literally mold the energy that makes world to mole the, that energy. [00:39:47] Dr. Hank Seitz: Into our experience and to have it the way that we want it. And so to realize that we truly are these magnificent creators with our thoughts that we can start having it. We asked for what happens is that we are maybe thinking this yellow and in this present moment, but then we go out into the day and, and let's, uh, you know, we get cut off and then, you know, we get a call that we lost a client. [00:40:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: You don't want ever things we don't like. And let's call that. Well, if you mix, and this is why people say, Hey, I've been asking for this, but I don't have it. Well, no, you haven't been asking just for gee, I want more money. You've also been saying, oh, I don't have enough money. I don't have enough leads. I don't have enough business. [00:40:38] Dr. Hank Seitz: So if I mix that yellow, all the things that I want with that red, all the things I don't want, what color do we come on? Orange and you say, I didn't ask answer oranges and I ended up, oh, yes you did. And so we can all get out of the mess we're in. And that's where at a hot moment, simply by asking, breathing deeply, asking for answers, asking for solutions Christ footed, turn the other cheek. [00:41:06] Dr. Hank Seitz: Stop. And talking about and Facebook and everything, what you don't want, turn the other cheek and look at what you do. What Greg?  [00:41:16] Greg Mills: Okay. Now, you mentioned your program, easy money, easy life. You've got 15, books out currently. And you, you said you're working on the 16th. What will the 16th be?  [00:41:30] Dr. Hank Seitz: Easy money, easy  [00:41:31] Greg Mills: Okay. [00:41:34] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. So I'm, I, uh, I started it with videos, the introduction, the videos, and everything, and then that coupled with, um, uh, other things in my meditations and everything that's in easy money, easy life will actually turn into a book. And so we're, we're actively, you know, Uh, my publisher work is creating that help. [00:41:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: I created, they put it all together, if you will. And they tell me, Hey, we need this. We need that. And so, yeah, so easy money, easy life. And the way to do that is like, you just want to get that energy going. And so you clap your hand, you just go easy money, easy. Easy money, easy, like easy money is just loving to get into it and just start dancing around. [00:42:18] Dr. Hank Seitz: I have people that are dancing every day on this, there go easy money. He's like easy money, easy life. And next thing they know. And while that you got easy money, easy life, and we can all have it. We just have these beliefs saying, oh, I got to work hard. I got to sacrifice because we saw other people do it or whatever. [00:42:37] Dr. Hank Seitz: Well, now you see me in the thousands of people that I've helped around the world and you say, oh, there's. There's an easier way in order to really, we were all meant to just be skipping along here, Greg, on our magical path, on our lighted path, our golden path, and just picking the low-hanging fruit of all the things that we desire. [00:42:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: We have made the battle. Let's stop the battle. Let's retire the drunken monkeys, say bye-bye to the truck and monkey that little voice and start calling forth your higher power and asking for those answers and solutions.  [00:43:14] Dr. Hank Seitz: Remember, we had talked about Napoleon hill, the 1930s wrote that I got his original manuscript and they edited that. [00:43:22] Dr. Hank Seitz: Like 37 times the word vibration, because it was just too much for people. So I re rolled that book and included the power of these feelings because it's really, this is how we communicate, uh, with our higher powers through our emotions. And so when you're feeling bad, This is telling you that I'm not thinking about this subject, the way that my higher power is because in every particle, in every experience, every person, every, anything there is the wanted and the unwanted in it. [00:43:58] Dr. Hank Seitz: And it's up to us to simply choose and most of chose, 80% of the time, the it. And so instead you simply make the choice. That I'm an I'm gonna change this. And so, and again, I have very easy ways. It doesn't cause it, I used to have corporate America pay me $25,000 a person to be able to have this information and yang at over 97 hours. [00:44:25] Dr. Hank Seitz: You know, you can email me and ask for some of this. So there's nothing in your way. Other than that drunk thing committee that doesn't have you stand up and stand tall and say, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to contact Dr. Hay. I'm going to start just one step at the editor. And in fact, my cell number is 2 1 4 7 5 3 7 2 0. Again, 2 1 4 7 5 3 7 2 0 4. So I've taken all your excuses about, I don't have the money. I don't have the time. You know that, oh, he's rich and famous. I can't get all of them. None of that. You just get a hold of me and I will help you to become your greatest possibility and have more of your dreams come true easily. [00:45:15] Greg Mills: I can vouch the doctor. Hank is very easy to get all love. So what I was going to ask you is which of your books for the people that are not in real estate or mortgage, do you recommend that they start with, or is there a path that you recommend they go through. [00:45:29] Dr. Hank Seitz: Yeah. I really do. I think, um, and it's one of my more recent books, uh, your Royal path to riches and, uh, you can get on Amazon, just look under, um, if you go to Amazon and do. H N K and then my last name is Seitz, S as in Sam, E I T Z. And then maybe you could even put like your Royal path riches that you will find my books and, um, uh, they're all very affordable that, uh, they're there, you can get them on Amazon, you know, next day or whatever. [00:46:05] Dr. Hank Seitz: Um, I will, even if, you know, if you say, Hey, you know, I don't want it. I'll tell you this. I used to give away. So, so I charged lots of money and they got a big, big return on investment. And I became independently wealthy from that. And other, I have seven streams of passive income right now. They're coming to me every year. [00:46:28] Dr. Hank Seitz: Dave month, you know, on a regular basis, these streams of income. And again, if you don't have any streams of passive income that ain't, let's talk I'll, I will show you on how you can start doing this. If I can do it, anybody can do it. And, um, and so I think this, your Royal path to riches will help you to better understand, um, the power of your thoughts, but also. [00:46:55] Dr. Hank Seitz: Um, the relationship between our conscious by, in our subconscious by, and I guarantee you that. Will increase your income. I have a magical statement in there. I call them magical statements and a divine intelligence has given me these just amazing, uh, uh, sentences that if you write them down every day, 21 times per day, that they literally will soak in your subconscious mind where all your beliefs are held and that this will rise. [00:47:29] Dr. Hank Seitz: What you're thinking about like more income and this will rise to the top and your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is in essence God, in action. If you will kind of creates everything that we have, and you'll be able to understand that and realize we're Hincapie how fun is that? [00:47:46] Greg Mills: Can you walk us through some of the services that you provide? [00:47:50] Dr. Hank Seitz: Sure sure that, uh, you know, my passion is my coaching and I just love to, uh, be able to, um, uh, coach one-on-one it's a it's an hour every week. It's $497 a month. There's no minimum. Uh, you know, you don't need to do six months or whatever when you get it that, Hey, you know what I mean, many more great, you know, go on your Merry way. [00:48:14] Dr. Hank Seitz: And, um, and so that is my service that I love most. It probably is the most effective for people. I've never not for those people that do the simple steps that I asked. They've all become successful. And, uh, and, and it's just a matter of doing that. So the coaching is very good, but, uh, and then of course I have, you know, Mike books that are available, but I have other things too, that, again, there's for $97, easy money, easy life that it'll get you both of those things. [00:48:46] Dr. Hank Seitz: Um, but I also have mindset. And how to become a top performer, just amazing for entrepreneurs that, um, I have, um, and, and different, uh, types of mindset training that are available that you can get and that's video on not need live with you, but I also have diagnostic tools that are the world's most statistically accurate and valid tools that I can measure how you think. [00:49:16] Dr. Hank Seitz: And I can actually measure and generate out of how you think by taking this assessment, your talents, we have 64 key talents of mankind, and I have a. That could literally identify all 64 of your talents to the 10th of a point from the highest of the laws. And the beauty of that is you, you don't pay attention to what you don't want, which means the low ones you're aware of them, just so that you don't try to start doing nappies, not all that talented, but you leverage. [00:49:51] Dr. Hank Seitz: The higher talents. I also have, um, most entrepreneurs are in sales, whether you understand that or not your offering things. And, um, I have a sales assessment that will show you the six steps of the sales process. Where you are in each step and how to build those steps, uh, on every one of those steps to help you become a more sale, uh, effective at sales, or I like using the word offerings, the offerings that you're providing your prospects and, and clients. [00:50:27] Dr. Hank Seitz: And then I can measure your stress. And I literally have a squares of stress potion. And so this can be for really all of this could be for individ. It could be for your team, your organization, maybe two, three people, whatever, um, or big, huge organizations that I've worked with, Proctor and gamble, chase, uh, SLR allow largest lens manufacturer in the world. [00:50:52] Dr. Hank Seitz: And I've worked with not only their executive, their sales teams, our customer service teams, but also with our clients. And so I've helped teach their clients so their clients can grow their business. That grows by. Client's business, you know, manufacturer, whatever it is. IBM, you know, all these, these, uh, wonderful companies. [00:51:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: And, um, and so, so literally if you're looking to be doing have more, whether it's in your life, in your business, in your company, uh, in your organization that let's talk about. And let's see what, how I can help, because I literally, I excuse me, that I guarantee at least a 400% return on your investment. [00:51:43] Dr. Hank Seitz: And, uh, and you'll get much more than that. That typically individuals, organizations get at least a thousand percent.  [00:51:51] Greg Mills: So let's get ready to wrap this up. Is there a piece of software or an app that you find indispensable for entrepreneurs to improve their mindset that you could recommend? [00:52:03] Dr. Hank Seitz: well, Um, so there are some meditation ones, for example, that are good. And, uh, so again, you could go online. I have my own meditations though. And so I have guided meditations and I have what's called Paraliminals the Paraliminals tap into your subconscious mind and then. Once something subliminal I've 21 of them, one is on how to improve your memory. [00:52:32] Dr. Hank Seitz: So if you want to improve your memory, how to connect with your higher power, you know, just all kinds of wonderful things. And, um, so again, I would recommend probably, you know, an app, uh, for, you know, meditation's, uh, that puts you into a, what I call my step four, just two things we need to do. It's about this, asking how we think, but then also on how we use. [00:52:57] Dr. Hank Seitz: And the meditation piece of it is to open that up. So you can start allowing the things that you've asked for to come in. And, uh, and those are the only two things we need to have all of our dreams come true. And, um, uh, but I, I would really suggest C w what I, the reason why I'm not real hot on apps or, or whatever is. [00:53:20] Dr. Hank Seitz: So, for example, you want to just be hands-on with this. So for example, the joy shop is about you writing out your desires, you writing out what you appreciate, you being a really becoming a deliberate creator and calling your day the way that you want it. So you're writing this, the reason why the writing is so powerful again, because I'm a metal scientist. [00:53:42] Dr. Hank Seitz: I can know this kind of stuff. If you will, is it helps internalize the. Ideas. It helps soak into the subconscious mind. So by writing it down by repetition, that's why we see the commercials. Most people don't accept new ideas. Until at least the six times where I would recommend it as all of you watch us six times, because you have missed most of this, what it is. [00:54:13] Dr. Hank Seitz: And tomorrow you won't remember most of this. And so you really want to, you know, be engaged in every way you can. Mentally emotionally and physically engaged in the type of life you want to create. And so again, that would be the app. I have the resources though for you for really any and everything. And, um, uh, as far as if you truly want to be, do and have more and do it the easy way I could show you how to do that.  [00:54:45] Greg Mills: Okay. Now I know you've covered this, but like you just said, people forget. So what's the best way for our listeners to find you online and to contact you. [00:54:54] Dr. Hank Seitz: You bet. you. [00:54:55] Dr. Hank Seitz: bet. Again, I like everything personal. I'm just that type of guy, you know, I want to talk to you and I want to see how we can help each other, whatever. And so D uh, my email is D R Hank for Dr. Hank, Dr. Hank at D R. That biz B I Z. So Dr. Rankin at Dr. hank.biz, you can also go, uh, call me, texted me whatever (214) 753-7204. [00:55:29] Dr. Hank Seitz: Um, or if you want to look at some more stuff, my YouTube channel, I have videos. So go to youtube.com forward slash and then it's D R Hank Seitz, S C I T Z. Uh, another great way. My website, um, D. Hank sights as the I T z.com. So you will see and I'm on, you know, all the social media. And so I'm very accessible and, um, under Hank sites, Dr. [00:56:03] Dr. Hank Seitz: Hang, uh, and Dr. Hanks sites, and you will be able to easily find me, but it's really up to you to decide, Hey, am I done swimming up stream? And, and working and sacrificing and I can everything I want. And do I want to just let, go and circle and downstream and take it all that low-hanging fruit of All my desires because all of our desires are down. [00:56:30] Greg Mills: All right. Well, that's a wrap. Thank you, Dr. Hank for being a guest on entrepreneurs over 40.  [00:56:37] Dr. Hank Seitz: well, thank you, Greg. A pleasure. Thank you, everybody know that you can be doing habit. If you have the ability to think that, uh, your higher power is a way to deliver it for you. So all the best. And remember the most important thing is for each one of us to feel better.