Dale Miller, JD


President Dale Miller, Inc. Chin-Up Strip Co. www.chinupstrip.com
Trial attorney at Trembath, Hess & Miller, SC Jun 1971 - May 1988 · At New York Life Insurance Co 09/1988 · 2001
Marquette University Law School
Juris Doctor - JD, Law Degree 1968 - 1971
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee BS Degree Economics and History 1966 - 1968
Married 10/31/64 to Virginia Danner RN - 57 years ago!
We still to debate "who got tricked and who got treated."

President Dale Miller, Inc. dba Chin-Up Strip Company
Aug 1998 - Present · Area Atlanta Metropolitan Area
The Chin-Up Strip Company started in Wausau WI in 1996. Dr. Honsotia at Marshfield Clinic told me to get patents on the Chin-Up Strips after I did a Hospital Sleep Study there.
Then we had a hospital sleep lab study of 9 patients done for us in 1997-98. University of KY Medical College Columbia Hospital Lexington, KY - Barbara Phillips, MD, FCCP, MS. Conclusions: Conclusion/Clinical Implication:
CHEST Vol. 114, p. 383S, October 1998 Supplement

After the above study was published, we had the Chin-Up Strips reviewed and cleared by the FDA.
FDA - Indications for Use
510(k) Number: K040491
Device Name: Chin-Up Strip
"The Chin-Up Strip supports the chin (mandible) during sleep, thereby promoting and enhancing nasal breathing by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting with Cpap.”
It also promotes and enhances nasal breathing to help to reduce or eliminate snoring.”
The Chin-Up Strip Company started in Wausau WI in 1996.
Moved to Greater Atlanta Area in 1998 to allow easier travel to speak around the U.S at hospital sleep support group meetings.
3M Converters die cut and package 3M Medical Grade Tape into patented Chin-Up Strips.
From our offices in Atlanta we ship to patients, doctors, veteran hospitals, hospital sleep centers and primary resellers in US, Canada, United Kindom, Australia and Japan.

59 - Dale Miller Invented Chin-up Strips
June 27, 2022

59 - Dale Miller Invented Chin-up Strips

In This Episode Dale Miller Shares: That he was a successful lawyer before inventing Chin-Up Strips. His wife had always complained about his snoring but it wasn't until he had a case where a man had a fatal accident that …

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