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Dan Shinder has built a global presence with over 1 million active followers reaching millions
more people a week, and growing by 4,500 a week from over 130 countries, reaching millions
more people a month using content marketing on social media and brand-building strategies
he developed on social media while growing the Drum Talk TV brand. The brand reached
120+ Million people in all of 2021. All of this was done 100% organically, no boosting posts,
no paid ads.
The high-level of engagement yield’s an average of 5 Million in reach, 2 Million post
engagements, 4 million video views, all in every 7-day period. Dan has never paid for
advertising or boosting posts of the brand’s content.
With Dan Shinder’s Social Media On Steroids courses and consulting, Dan shares exactly
how he turned Drum Talk TV from an idea into a profitable business, and how you can utilize
these strategies to grow your business too, no matter what stage you are at currently! What
Dan teaches can work for virtually any business in any industry, from a local model to global!
Dan understands busy, as he and his wife have a blended family of 11 kids and 19
grandchildren! He says, “If you are serious about what you do, get serious about how you
market it.”

Ep 55 - Dan Shinder Talks About Social Media On Steroids
May 30, 2022

Ep 55 - Dan Shinder Talks About Social Media On Steroids

In this episode Dan shares: That he developed his Social Media On Steroids course after someone pointed out that DrumTalk TV was achieving 900% more online reach and engagement than its competitors. Dan considers himself an introvert which I found …

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