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Karen Liz Albert


● Social Media strategist, expert, speaker, and owner of Behind Your Curtain
● Over 20 years experience in marketing, training and consulting
● Launched targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for thousands real estate professionals
● Achieves tangible marketing results for realtors by strategically promoting brand awareness and increasing customers
● Created the popular 30-day social media facelift program that has, to date, helped over 25,000 real estate professionals create and maintain a high-quality and consistent online presence that has led to over 100 million in sales!
● Offers educational presentations, hands-on workshops and e-learning courses targeted specifically towards educating real estate professionals on the value of Social Media and Internet Marketing for their business and their individual brand
● Is a sought-after social media subject matter expert guest on nationwide radio & media broadcasts such as Pat Hiban, Inman Magazine, Online Entrepreneur Magazine + more
● Is lead singer in her local band and enjoys volunteering to aid in the needs of her community

Ep48 - Karen Liz Albert Talks About Using Social Media For Your Business
April 11, 2022

Ep48 - Karen Liz Albert Talks About Using Social Media For Your Busin…

In this episode Karen shares: How losing her Mother caused her to re-examine her life and make changes. How volunteering for a friend helped her to find her niche in Social Media. That she now considers herself unemployable. How a …

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