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I am pleased to present to you a work that has spanned two years in the making. I am a traveler of the many places in this world, I have seen the deserts of Arabia to the Ice fields of Antarctica. In between I kept notes from

The journeys and the peoples I have had the pleasure to get to know and spend time with. Now in my life I have taken to time to begin to chronicle the many myths and legends, many to this day still believe.

Ep45 - Ogburn Charles Talks About His First Book
March 21, 2022

Ep45 - Ogburn Charles Talks About His First Book

Episode Forty Five Features Author Ogburn Charles Discussing His First Book. My Key Takeaways: Ogburn is an interesting guy that has traveled to a lot of different countries and experienced a myriad of foreign cultures. . In this episode Ogburn …

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