57- Bob Wheeler Talks About Our Relationships With Money And His With Comedy


In this episode Bob shares:That originally he wanted to be a lawyer until he met some.  Accounting for Bob was initially just a course to keep his GPA up in college and not something he wanted to specialize in.Accounting allows him the freedom and opportunity to pursue creative outlets.Bob shares that his girlfriend at the time got him his first job out of college as a Controller for a hotel.Bob was one of the first people in his college to actually use a computer in the work force.Bob sees a lot of people that compare themselves unfavorably to their friends and colleagues perceived financial situations and despairing because of it.Like al lot of us, Bob's parents did not prepare him financially with good habits because they did not know any better themselves.Emotions play a larger role than many might think when it comes to financial decisions and beliefs. Bob finds that Fear is a huge driver when it comes to money. People are often afraid of what they don't know about money coming back to hurt them. Others believe that they are 'imposters' because their financial journey hasn't been as difficult as others. Bob views a healthy relationship with money as being one where he is comfortable with the money that he as and the ability to live within his means.Bob reiterates that not all debt is bad. Debt can be very helpful when starting a new venture. It is when debt is used inappropriately (like a blank check) that it becomes a problem.Bob advises giving oneself a 24 hour waiting period on major purchases and/or using someone else as a sort of gatekeeper to have to run major decisions by, even if that is not the case.