58 - Chef Dennis Littley Talks About Blogging


In This Episode Chef Dennis Shares:
That he has had several mentors throughout his career that have helped him become the Chef that he is today.
He has had two carpal tunnel surgeries on his hand.
How he started a culinary program for teen girls that was one of the schools points of excellence.
What prompted him to create a blog and how it didn't initially function like he thought that it would.
How many hours a week he works in 'retirement.'
That he was Philadelphia's Power User for Google Plus.
His attitude towards competitors and competition.
How the President of Media Vine helped him set his blog up for ads.
How much he made last year.
The effect that COVID has had on his business.
The number of people that make up his Ask Chef Dennis team and some of their roles.
What got him in to Travel blogging.
What he considers the secret to successful blogging.
The effect that an SEO audit had on his site.