59 - Dale Miller Invented Chin-up Strips


In This Episode Dale Miller Shares:
That he was a successful lawyer before inventing Chin-Up Strips.
His wife had always complained about his snoring but it wasn't until he had a case where a man had a fatal accident that he recognized that his difficulty sleeping could be deadly.
He had a Sleep study done and it confirmed that he had Sleep Apnea.  He was prescribed a CPAP machine which he said changed his life but he still had a problem with mouth breathing at night.  His doctor told him that if he could "find a comfortable solution to having your mouth breathing at night probably you would sell millions" so that is what he set out to do.
Dale invented Chinup-Strips which are simple medical tape that you simply put on before you go to bed to prevent mouth breathing with your CPAP device.  You no longer have dry mouth, lower CPAP pressure, and you can use the little nasal pillows Instead of having to wear a big mask.
Dale credits growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin for his can-do attitude.
Dale was surprised at the amount of opposition from the Medical devices and ENT community regarding his invention.
Selling Chin-Up Strips and making a huge difference in his customer's sleep has been immensely satisfying for Dale.
Dale advises people to pay attention to your sleep patterns, pay attention that you're dreaming. Pay attention that you're not mouth breathing and snoring. If you are, get medial help!
To learn more about Chin-Up Strips, visit Chin-Up Strip (chinupstrip.com)