60 - Chloe Holiday, Best Selling Author


In This Episode, Author Chloe Holiday Shares:
Her family mantra that has served her well in life.
Both How and Why she became an Author.
What she did for a career before she started writing and why she left it.
How a bout with insomnia and a misdelivered postcard helped birth her first novel.
Who Chloe Bros are.
How long it takes her to write a novel.
Her beliefs on the old phrase, "You can't judge a book by its cover."
How she finds reviewers for her ARC - Advanced Review Copy.
What has surprised her the most regarding being an author.
How she connects with her readers and fans.
That she produces her own audiobooks.
Who used to do her covers and why she changed.
The value of newsletter swaps.
How collaboration with fellow authors helped her to become an Amazon best seller.