61 - Brad Powell and How To Make Awesome Videos For Your Business


In this episode, Brad Powell shares:
That he partnered with music artists from all over the world to feature their music before ITunes existed and how that got him in to video.
How he sold his company to National Geographic and then was retained on to head up the project.
He was the blacksheep of his family as both of his parents had careers in academia and they thought that he was crazy for wanting to do his own thing.
Prior to his National Geographic and music experience he got invaluable experience setting up an outdoors program for children that eventually was obtained by Outward Bound.
He considers himself as an introvert that can become an extrovert when it is needed.
He doesn't consider it necessary to be an extrovert when it comes to successful video content creation.  Just be yourself!
He believes that everyone can create a month's worth of video content from an hours worth of video just by re-purposing the content.
That mistakes on camera are not necessarily a bad thing as they can endear us to the people that watch the videos.
How livestreaming has helped his clients not only engage people but generate more business for them.
Some of the tools that he uses to livestream and how they integrate together.
He recommends the book, Go Live by Jeffrey Gitomer  for people that are considering bring video to their business.
That he considers "the biggest tragedy of the commons is that most super talented people are holding themselves back because they're afraid to be seen on camera."