69: Julieanna Hever, The Plant Based Dietitian


In this episode, Julieanna Hever shares:
That early on it became obvious that a traditional 'real' job was not for her.
The well meaning but traumatic experience that inspired her to become plant based.
How her parents staged an intervention of sorts at a steak house to persuade her to eat meat again.
That working as a personal trainer inspired her to get her degree in Nutrition
How going plant based helped solve a myriad of health issues for her.
That not everything plant based is necessarily healthy anymore due to it being heavily processed.
Some vegetables benefit us more when cooked.  When you cook a tomato the phytonutrients and carotenoids are more potent and you have more of an anti-cancer effect and more of a cardiovascular benefit than if it were raw .
That she always encourage people to go in there with a sense of wonder and curiosity and a positive attitude about what you can add to your diet.   What can adjust that makes you feel better and works for your life.
How most people only need about 10 or so recipes that they love to make the switch to a plant based diet.
How she has been able to take more of her classes online as opposed to travelling due to the widespread adoption of remote tools during the pandemic.
How much her audience energizes her.
That she has a love/hate relationship with the whole book writing process.