70: Matthew Stibbe & Idea Capture


In this episode, Matthew Stibbe shares:
That he still enjoys doing the IT Projects in his company even though he could outsource it to someone else.
How his leadership and communication style has evolved from heroic individual leadership to a more professional, collegiate, management model.
He is not good with Finance and HR so those were among the first items he augmented with other people.
He comes from a long line of entrepreneurial stock.
What he wanted to be when he grew up.
How he got into game design with his first company, Intelligent Games.
That when he left Intelligent Games he vowed to never have another office or employee again.  He is one for two on that one.
How he captures ideas and why he does that.
What he does with the ideas that he captures and when.
His thoughts on data loss in IT.
That while he never wants to own another gaming company, he wouldn't mind writing his own game for his personal enjoyment.