73: Scott Milas Taks About Franchising


In this episode, Scott Milas shares:
How he loves helping people exploring the possibilities of franchising.
That he used to work at the White House in the Press Corps as a camera man.
That he learns best by hands on instruction.
When he worked at an Italian family's restaurant his nickname was Geno.
He also worked in Sales selling rolls of vinyl to the handbag industry.
That he got his first taste of franchising as the VP of Development for a burger concept.
That he offers his services as a franchise consultant at no cost to his clients and is only compensated by the brands that he represents.
How long the typical vetting process is for his clients from start to making a decision regarding a franchise.
That there are franchise opportunities for all levels of investment.
How he believes that there is no such thing as the perfect business.
How a franchise is similar to a marriage.
Some of the questions that you need to ask.
Potential red flags and more...