Ep46 - Julie Austin Talks About Inventing Swiggies


Episode Forty Six Features Julie Austin Talking About Inventing Swiggies.
My Key Takeaways:
Julie was a lot of fun to talk to and we learned a lot, both about Inventing as well as Side Hustles in general.
In this episode Julie shares:
Her advice to anyone starting a side hustle.
How her Grandmother inspired her by having run her own little Country store in North Carolina.
What inspired her to invent Swiggies.
How she developed her first prototype and what it was made of.
The process that she went through to get a trademark.
How she first distributed product and what she did not realize regarding store sales.
The strategy she regrets doing as well as the one she regrets not doing.
How an impromptu meeting at a trade show led to a new market for Swiggies.
What the Hash House Harriers are and how they expanded her market in to Alcohol.
What a Trade Dress is and how she plans to use it to fight knock offs.
The unfortunate event which allowed her to meet her Patent Attorney.
Why she did not go on Shark Tank.
When she knew that Swiggies had made it.
That her next invention will be in the Pet Industry.
Why she wrote her book, The Money Garden.