Ep47 - Warren Wilson Talks About Creating Better Blocks


In this episode Warren shares:
The one trait that he believes separated him from other inventors and allowed him to get Better Blocks manufactured.
That dealing with success was not always easy for an introvert like himself
After Better Blocks was dissolved he began to question himself as an inventor.
That he and his Dad used to race and build their own motorbikes.
His Dad was the first person in Australia to grind camshafts for cars and that his Mom was a well-respected dress maker.
His Dad had a stroke and then his Mom died when he was 11 so he went from an idyllic childhood to one that was difficult.
That his first invention was the Shuffle Bug - a children's ride-on toy that he lost a lot of money on.
How a challenge from a colleague led to the invention of Better Blocks.
How he created the Better Blocks protoypes.
The serendipitous conversation with a friend that led to a wonderful business partner and friend.
That he designed five blocks personally and the rest came from ideas from his team.
How a refrigerator part inspired Better Blocks