Ep48 - Karen Liz Albert Talks About Using Social Media For Your Business


In this episode Karen shares:
How losing her Mother caused her to re-examine her life and make changes.
How volunteering for a friend helped her to find her niche in Social Media.
That she now considers herself unemployable.
How a musical theatre event provided the perfect name for her business.
The mistake most people make by trying to target everyone for their business and how that it backfires.
That in addition to real estate professionals, another target market of her business is authors.
Her connection to the Hatfield and McCoy feud.
How each platform's goal of keeping people on it for as long as they possibly can, can lead to a 'creepy' internet experience where you are being targeted in very specific items across multiple sites.
The exercise that she instructs clients to do to find their ideal avatar.
How she discovered that she wasn't really serving her clients in the best possible manner when she tried to provide services that she did not specialize in to them and how that applies to us as well.
That it is OK to 'fire' a customer if you determine that it is not a good fit.
How once you become clear on who your ideal client is and how it ripples out and expands your businesses visibility.
Why she advocates for organic reach and not paid advertising so much.
Why having a separate business account is beneficial to your business even though you may be getting more engagement on your personal account.
That businesses can feed the information that they want know about their business to the various platform's algorithms.
The unique opportunity that she is offering other marketing firms to white-label her flagship product and customize it for their various markets.
How and why she feels that focus is the key to business success and how the shiny object syndrome can sabotage our efforts.