Ep49 - Andrea Pass Talks About Public Relations For Your Business


In this episode Andrea shares:
That even before she made the leap in to entrepreneurship her clients were almost begging her to start her own firm to better serve them.
What she does as a PR Manager to help her clients increase their media exposure.
The unfortunate event that happened in the previous agency that she worked for and how it propelled her to start her own firm.
How her biggest mistake centered around a form that she thought needed to be more complicated than it was and how that initially turned off prospective clients.
How she views society as a whole regarding consuming content and what that means for us entrepreneurs.
What she means when she describes herself as a 'P.I. for P.R.'
How she initially defined her customer avatar and why it does not include huge firms.
Why having a Public Relations firm represent you instantly makes your business appear to be bigger.
The mistakes that she sees firms make when it comes to Public Relations and how she helps them correct it.
How a business should prepare to move forward when they engage a Public Relations firm.
That she represents a wide range of clients including authors and inventors.  In fact, Andrea is on the board of The United Inventors Association of America!
How she was an early adopter of working remotely.
That good things can come out of bad publicity and how she has helped other s before do just that.