Ep50 - Ann Tracy Talks About The Business Of Art


In this episode Ann shares:
That she got in to radio news because of the numerous injuries that she had suffered as a modern dancer.
How she had to have a very regimented morning routine due to how early she got up in the morning to go to work.
She left working in the radio industry to become a PR consultant.
She started her own theatre company in Sacramento that focused on either world or Sacramento premieres.
That she had to augment her ticket sales with additional funding such as donations and foundation grants.
That working as a radio announcer helped her to be able to write good press releases and make editorial decisions in her business.
Theatre also taught her how to plan for future events by working backwards from the events deadline and setting up interim goals.
She is donating the proceeds from the sale of prints from "Flowers of Ukraine" to United Help Ukraine.
She advises not to quit your day job when pursuing your artistic endeavors as there is a very small percentage of artists that are financially successful from sales of their art alone.
Ann recommends reading Business and Marketing books with regards to being able to make sales in your craft.
That the Imposter syndrome seems to occur more in artists than in other professions.
That Bob the Cat is 21 years old!