EP51 - Larae Mayo, Entrepreneur and Model


In this episode Larae shares:
That her family goes back four generations living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
How she came from a mixed family and that her maternal Grandfather fought for the social justice issues of his day.
Her first business was selling oxygen canisters in Aspen Colorado to combat altitude sickness.
Though she wanted to source her product locally, the best that she could find at the time was a manufacturer in New Jersey.  She still was able to keep the product from being manufactured in China which she opposed due to personal reasons.
Her next business was a Limousine service that grew out of her knowledge of the service business in Aspen.  Hher limousine drivers were also able to deliver the oxygen concentrators as needed.
This also introduced her to the demand for a private jet valet service at the Aspen Airport (ASE).  Her company was the only one allowed to take the luggage to the waiting jets on the tarmac.  As she was the first point of contact for arriving and departing guests she was able to increase her company's cash flow by adding on ala carte services.
Since her daughters have gone off to college, she has become involved with modeling and is currently a model for the Wilhelmina agency.  She credits modeling with giving her the opportunity for more introspective self reflection and the confidence to be on camera.
Modeling was not a career path that she ever saw coming and is excited to see where it takes her.
She believes that the greatest book today is still her Bible and she encourages people to dive in to what sets their soul on fire.
She has come to realize that not everyone has the same life experiences and that as we get older we tend to get stuck in that mindset.  She tries to remind herself every single day to think differently or take a different action that she wouldn't ordinarily take, or, just let her mind go with a different thought process that she might not even have.