Ep52 - The Wisdom of Sara Crique, Joe Pulizzi, Zev Asch, Brian Fried, and Alan Beckley


Joe Pulizzi discusses:
The seven steps of starting a business using the Content, Inc model.
What the term Content Tilt means and how to use it to differentiate your business.
How a Content, Inc business is one that must be in it for the long haul.
Zev Asch talks about:
How marketing is based on 100% human behavior.
What Marketing Chutzpah is and how Jet Blue is a great example of it.
Brian Fried shares:
How he comes up with an idea and commercializes it with regard to inventing.
That a patent is not always necessary.
Some of the common mistakes that he sees inventors make.
Sara Crique explains:
What motivates her to keep moving forward in her Entrepreneurial journey.
How her business operates now and what she envisions for her future.
Alan Beckley talks about: 
The importance of validating your idea before going too far with it.
What the life of a patent is.
The steps he would take to bring an idea to fruition.