Ep53 - The Wisdom Of Dana Knowles, Victoria Wieck, Catherine Kirk, Shawn Moye and Chris Klesh


Dana Knowles discusses:
How her invention 'The Hanging Shower Caddy' came about.  
That the book "One Simple Idea" by Stephen Key introduced her to the world of licensing.
What a good example of a royalty percentage is.
Chris Klesh talks about:
What got him out of retirement and in to being a travel guru.
How his son is the perfect example of being able to work remotely in a vacation setting.
Victoria Wieck shares:
How the typical MBA program's curriculum does not serve the small business owner well.
How a small business can compete in the Marketing realm with giants.
Shawn Moye explains:
Why he started working on his invention, The E-Sports Trainer.
How he validated the idea and moved it forward.
How he views continuous improvement as being integral to his product.
Catherine Kirk talks about: 
How she went from prototype to product with the Coffee Bullet.
The name that she wished had been available for her product.