67: Steve Haffner - Mind Performance Strategist


In this episode, Steve Haffner shares:
The song that inspired him to quit his job and become a magician!
Why he went in to IT in the first place.
That he has always had a strong, creative drive.
What mentalism is and how he incorporated it into his act.
What inspired him to go from performing at trade shows into public speaking.
Some of the different cognitive biases that we have and how a magician or marketing department can exploit them as well as how we can overcome them.
What the "Lizard Brain" is and how primitive impulses still affect our thinking and decision making today.
The single experience that made him almost quit his dream and the corresponding experience that caused him not to.
Why he believes that having regrets is not necessarily a bad thing.
That people should challenge their beliefs and be willing to change them when they do not line up with the evidence.
What the allure of the status quo is and why we should not be afraid to fix something that is not currently broken.
What outcome bias is and how it is not necessarily an accurate arbiter of whether a decision was good or not.
What System One and System Two are with regards to our minds.
How Magicians and Marketing departments use misdirection against us.