71: Edward Ayres of Inventor Process


In this episode, Edward Ayres shares:
The business that his father built and how he sold it at the right time.
What he did before getting involved in the Invention business and how his father helped him to get started,
How he initially imagined the stereotypical inventor.
How he and his wife split the labor in Inventor Process.
What Inventor Process can do and how it might benefit someone with an invention to bring to market.
When he advocates licensing and when he advocates for venturing ones invention.
How any why to validate your invention idea.
What is a fair royalty deal.
That a lot of inventors suffer from the 'Kevin Costner complex'.
Why it is important to secure the right to audit the company's books that you license your invention to.
The common mistakes that inventors make.
Some of Inventor Process's greatest hits.
What InventorMade.com is and how it can be of assistance to inventors.