Ep 54 - Cathy Nesbitt talks about Worm Farming, Sprouts, and Laughter Yoga


In this episode Cathy shares:
That she gave a TED talk on the wonderful world of worms.
Why she is an advocate for worms and worm composting.
How her business is ultimately an education business.
How a trade deal with the US that closed her local landfill spurred her to take action.
The number one main objection to worm composting
How she dispels the myth that someone needs a yard of their own to grow food.
How to do vermicomposting.
How to get rid of fruit flies even if you do not have worms!
What the worms like to eat.
The recipe for making worm tea.
That anyone can grow sprouts if they try!
What Laughter Yoga is and the benefits of it.